Last video of Islamic State hostage Alan Henning before his kidnap | Channel 4 News

Footage emerges of Alan Henning, the British taxi driver held hostage by Islamic State militants, days before his capture. Affectionately known as “Gadget”, …

17 comments to Last video of Islamic State hostage Alan Henning before his kidnap | Channel 4 News

  • Knights Templar  says:

    You cannot take muslims as friends . Even if you travel thousands of miles
    and rise aid to help the muslims suffering they will still give you the
    most brutal of deaths . Muslims don’t think like you or I they are by
    definition alien’s to the human race raised in a cult of murder,sodomy and
    no compassion . You become friends with muslims , you get into
    relationships with muslims , you go to Muslim countries , you take them as
    your friend or you even help them you are walking a thin line between life
    and death and don’t say you haven’t been warned.?

  • Shane Raynor  says:

    Alan Henning, a British cab driver and aid worker, was kidnapped by ISIS
    within a half hour of entering Syria. He now faces execution. Who tipped
    off the kidnappers? #islamicstate #isis ?

  • sheila brush  says:

    Alen Henning didnt need to go to syria to help the refugees. they already
    had a full convoy of muslims to help. he should have just carried on with
    the aid packing and left it as that. it was dangerous that he went to syria
    and paid with his life. it was safer for muslims to go and be aid workers
    as there is less chance of murder for them. alan was non muslim so he was
    the target. feel bad for his family. they should have cared for him and
    said No. its not safe to go. his safety should have been number one.?

  • hermankatnip  says:

    One wonders why he would work for a muslim charity when he is not a muslim.
    Look where it has got him. They will show no mercy as he misguidedly shown
    them. I am sure he bitterly regrets ever meeting any of his pakistani

  • Deepman Singh  says:

    Muslims Never Can Be Friend, Coz They’r Fake???


  • seyedmojtaba ebrahimi  says:

    we know that Turkey is the main supporter & sponsor who admire ISIS.?

  • av63pnt0  says:

    how can they kill a man like this, a man that is just trying to help your
    own people??

  • TheNathanNS  says:

    R.I.P Mr Henning.

    You sounded like a good man, your only “crime” was trying to help less
    fortunate people in a war stuck zone. :/

    What a fucking shithole world we live in where aid workers get killed for
    wanting to help the less fortunate. :(?

  • Jay Vera  says:

    Those white antifa cunts who go berserk when anyone speaks out against too
    much Islamic immigration to Europe will be the first heads to role in the
    near future. Yes Muslims protest side by side with you because you are
    useful idiots. They need you ‘for now’.?

  • NYC  says:

    I hope this video will serve well feature Western “aid workers” or
    liberal loonies .

    The only way helping/supporting ANY muslims or muslim cause is to bomb
    them and bomb them some more and more and more again . Bombing the evil
    allah out of every muslim is the only way to help those muslim animals?

  • John S  says:


  • BadMannerKorea  says:

    It’s sad he died and all, but he knew what he was doing was dangerous. Kind
    of stupid if you ask me.?

  • Skeleton Key  says:

    Alan Henning, a 47-year-old taxi driver from Eccles in Salford, was on his
    way to Syria in an aid convoy and he said it was important to make sure aid
    was going to “the right people”.
    After washing cars in the UK to raise money for donations
    He decided to volunteers and bringing Items such as baby milk, nappies and
    food packed into the back of ambulances and drove more than 3,000 miles
    overland, before crossing into Syria from Turkey.
    But his charitable actions took him into the hands of Islamic State (IS),
    who took him hostage within minutes of him arriving in the country and have
    now butchered him and gloatingly posted on line.
    So sad ?

  • MegaSasoky  says:

    reading the comments , it seem people did watch the news or follow what
    happened in syria , isis has fought free syrain army and other faction who
    were defending syrain people against assad regime. isis represent it self
    only ?

  • Uameamalositagata Nofoalii  says:

    Fuck, need a big knife for that big neck!?

  • SyrianVodo  says:

    I am afraid that this message will exactly do the opposite, for me as a
    Syrian who has served in the Assad war criminal army (gang), I can say with
    high level of suspicion that the killing of the American and British
    journalists and the threats to kill this innocent man has the markings of
    the Assad criminal regime all over it, and a plea like this one would make
    this regime execute him just to send a message to the west that this is
    what the Syrian revolution (carried out by Muslims) that you support has
    brought to the world and I am the only one (with my gang of non Muslims)
    who can fight those, and save your citizens from Muslims, sure he can,
    because the Assad gang and ISIS are the same, or at least for a fact some
    of top ISIS leaders are Assad agents, that was a very well known fact since
    the early stages of ISIS creation, ISIS killed from the Free Syrian Army
    more than those killed by Assad, how the killing of Free Syrian Army
    leaders who are Islamists themselves help ISIS in any way, no it helps
    Assad and his gang, and I feel like if anything will help this innocent man
    get freed is to make a plea to the Assad gang to spare this man from its
    dirty games and propaganda.?

  • Nigel Smith  says:

    2 questions:

    1. Who films some-one else loading a van?

    2. Who filmed this because it’s too steady to have come from a hand held

    I smell a big fat hook nosed rat!?

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