Know The Best News Channels In India

Know The Best News Channels In India

Indian News Channels are many in number, catering to the interests of a large Diaspora of the Indian population. Many up coming news channels compete with the existing ones to keep the people abreast with the latest news and events around the world . Indian News Channels rank among the most viewed channels on Indian Television. Starting with Doordarshan in the 1990`s, television has witnessed the growth of a number of news channels. There are a number of private channels which have joined in the league of news broadcasting and the situation today is such that news has been made into an essential commodity. Unlike in the initial days, when Doordarshan monopolized news broadcasting, nowadays numerous news channels are emerging as enhanced and more equipped in terms of their subject matter, objectivity, sharp editing and high-quality visuals. They serve to cover a wide range of topics ranging from local events to International events, breaking news to news analysis, television soap to Page 3 news. Thus every significant incident is covered by the huge variety of news channels.

The emerging media powerhouses provided prime time television content to almost all leading satellite channels in India including STAR-TV, SONY Entertainment . After The India Show, TV18 produced a weekly business news program, India Business Report, for BBC World. Indian viewers had very limited options and for watching the updated news they had to watch Dordarshan and some international news channels like BBC . In the rush to provide more news, accurate information, Zee-TV launched the news channel Zee News . STAR-TV was the other round-the-clock news channel which aired its exclusively 24-hour news channels, Star News in 1998 . A contract of five years was made by Star with Prannoy Roy-owned NDTV (New Delhi Television Company) to provide news content for this news channel. The untiring and exhaustive coverage of the Kargil war between India and Pakistan gained more publicity and attracted more viewers towards the channel.

After the huge success of news programme¬† the India Today Group launched a 24-hour Hindi news channel with the same name, Aaj Takin December 2000, which covers India with insight, valour and caters to the regional and local viewers. Within 11 months of its launch, Aaj Tak emerged as India’s leading news channel and was honoured¬† Best News Channel¬† award from Indian Television Academy Awards. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a number of National news channels today which compete on the national stage to provide a constant stream of latest news to the people .

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