KERRY: U.S. ‘open’ to working with Iran over IRAQ | LATEST NEWS.

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3 comments to KERRY: U.S. ‘open’ to working with Iran over IRAQ | LATEST NEWS.

  • zaka moto  says:

    America caused the problem by handing Iraq over to Shia’s. Now it wants to
    work with Iran that not long ago it wanted to attack. Ahmedinejad must tell
    Kerry to go f*** himself. They must think wer’e all stupid. America do
    your own fighting, bleeding and dying. Don’t forget you will need a good
    supply of body bags. Even better, send your christians in to fight. Then
    we’ll have a good old fashioned crusade.?

  • Jared Ledgard  says:

    Do not trust the Americans. They reside with the Israelis. You take action
    against the insurgents, and militants, you usher in a new war……..a war
    that will over throw you. I’m sure the leaders of Iran have better things
    to do. DO NOT FUCK with the Iraqi insurgents/militants…………this is a

  • Jared Ledgard  says:

    Iran, you should be more concerned about Israel attacking you. You need to
    place anti-aircraft all over the place. Israel will attack using American
    technology; therefore, forget Radar, radar is out dated. Use thermal
    imaging, have your missiles lock onto their heat sources.?

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