Inside Gaming: 10/7/2009 (News/Machinima)

Inside Gaming: 10/7/2009 (News/Machinima) Ziggy Stardust played guitar, Tim Schaffer on TV, and our hands on with some gamer fuel. All that and an interview with Will Wright, sweetness! This is Inside Gaming for October 7th, 2009. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: Inside Gaming IG Ziggy Stardust Tim Schafer Will Wright Lego Rock Band David Bowie E3 Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Brutal Legend Jack Black heavy metal comedy talk show Modern Warfare Fallout prequel Monster Energy DLC COD Call Of Duty map pack E4G Batman Arkham Asylum Dark Knight Bruce Wayne DC Universe superhero Joker Heath Ledger Mark Hamill Star Wars indiecade Indy Indiana Jones George Lucas keynote interview Sims simulation simcity Spore Twitter video games yt:quality=high

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