18 comments to IGN Daily Fix, 8-24: PS Move, Kinect Voice Control & Sony/EA

  • nokonterser  says:

    Follow my profile and win XBox 360 Kinect Console.

  • rynorulz123  says:

    funny looking kitchen….

  • hellcielo  says:

    jessica you are fucking hot

  • steininja  says:

    @Surfer669 i think she tried to make a frogsound…

  • xihakuix  says:

    she said blow out. x)

  • graemezor14  says:

    @chris44021dude have some class

  • Sprafikk  says:

    @chris44021 Exactly that’s all you can do about it, IMAGINE it lmao…. really do you have no self censorship…?

  • Surfer669  says:

    lol “ribbit” at the end

  • MrKryptonX  says:

    @xPSYKOTICx ahahaha

  • xPSYKOTICx  says:

    @chris44021 yea and u will keep imagining porky

  • xPSYKOTICx  says:

    @exaurius lol

  • Sonicisunleashed2008  says:

    Meh, less annoying than Galo Reach ads

  • JTWAYNE500  says:

    @bleang123 sony

  • Marcobalt  says:

    sorry guys the reason her voice is like that is my fault 😉

  • chris44021  says:

    i can just imagine her holding the side of my dick in her mouth

  • sniperbait171  says:

    wow sexy eyes

  • MrItsmedudes  says:

    Damn she sounds bad.

  • Chronolyse  says:

    Late generation gimmicks have never EVER fucking succeeded in the biz. PLEASE give me a solid reason why these two “milk duds” will do any better.

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