IAS Question Paper

In order to get into any respectable field of career, it is very important to clear the entrance exams that precede the final recruitment. It is on their basis that various aspects of the candidate’s personality and intellect are tested. It becomes a vital function for recruitment into highly responsible jobs like that of an IAS officer. Indian Administrative Service is one of the services provided by civil services of India and deals with work related to the administrative block of the government of India. It is a very sought after career choice but is equally famous for its tough question papers. Unlike other entrance exams which consist of a single paper, entry into an IAS requires appearing for stages of exam which stretch throughout the year. There are two stages called the IAS prelims and the IAS mains exam.

Becoming an IAS officer is not like any other regular job. It puts you on a higher platform which gives you status and respect. You no longer remain a common man but become a part of the Indian “government” that too, an important part. You have in your hands, the power the make a change and uplift the society. All this can be gained only if you have the potential and you are ready to work hard. There are many competitive exams for entering into different fields but nothing is like the IAS exams. The difficulty level of the question paper is incomparable. Both, the IAS preliminary and IAS mains exam consist of questions which can be solved only by a person of high intelligent quotient and somebody who is generally aware. Lack of either of the qualities can reduce your chance of clearing these exams. The question paper is designed in such a manner, that all the required qualities are tested through the same question paper. Various subjects are added along with tough questions about current affairs. All these characteristics make IAS exams highly competitive. However, this does not deter the enthusiastic candidates from appearing for the exam and every year large numbers of students appear for the exam.

The final result is much more rewarding than the efforts you put in for the IAS exams. Both the IAS prelims and IAS mains question papers are tough; however there have been many meritorious students who have topped in the exams through their hard work.


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