Huey Lewis and the News Performs “I Want a New Drug” featuring Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Huey Lewis and the News Performs “I Want a New Drug” featuring Jimmy Kimmel on the Sony Indoor Stage Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube channel …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 comments to Huey Lewis and the News Performs “I Want a New Drug” featuring Jimmy Kimmel

  • keri caye  says:

    cool for Jimmy…..what a memory he will have..?

  • wolfe hound  says:

    Huey you’re one cool dude?

  • Huey Lewis & The News  says:

    Fun times with Jimmy Kimmel …

  • John Smith  says:

    Who you gonna call?? Huey Lewis..maybe???

  • Julia Lopez  says:

    That was awesome…the 80’s best decade ever!!!!!?

  • Space Wrangler  says:

    Always wanted to see a jam band do this song.?

  • Lynettjames  says:

    Huey and the News are the only drug I need. They are SO good and this is
    such a great version. They never fail to make me smile! Wonderful!?

  • Argerie Jimenez  says:

    Como el vino !?

  • okrajoe  says:

    Great! Kimmel with the band.?

  • Zündappfreunde Löwmühle  says:

    insane guitarist !!!!?

  • Jeff Newton  says:

    Jimmy you did great – love to see you play that thing a little more often

  • DC Wyld  says:

    Going to see them tomorrow night, cant wait!!!!?

  • onemeanbadger  says:

    I’ve seen him in concert. He puts on an awesome show.?

  • Gavin James  says:

    when you playing in the land of the fathers huw!!would love to support you?

  • Lynettjames  says:


  • phonecop  says:

    Still one of my FAVORITE singers and bands! Kimmel was great too! ?

  • fendergibsonsounds  says:

    Johnny Colla sings back up vocals? Did not know that?

  • Stephen Rainda  says:

    shout out to Huey….however…..this is the saddest performance ever…it
    makes me feel sad ,and old….maybe that’s my problem…but Huey
    ….seriously …..remember the good times and let it go…kinda like
    me..great flash back tho..thankyou! I miss the 80’s!!!!!?

  • tlkshowhst  says:

    Love this!?

  • Ryan Gray  says:

    They’ve still got it! Hilarious how they set Kimmel up.?

  • James Bondage  says:

    One of my favourite ever bands!! ?

  • Huey Lewis & The News  says:

    Thank you again to Jimmy ( +Jimmy Kimmel Live) for sitting in with the
    band. #sports30

  • msglimmertwin52  says:

    i fucking love it when a band gets better with age, BRAVO!?

  • Jackie Olsen  says:

    Not bad for a grand dad!:))?

  • mandobanjoguitar  says:

    Horn section kicks ass?

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