How to Read the Newspaper for IAS Preparation

How to Read the Newspaper for IAS Preparation

In this video tells you exactly how to the read the newspaper for IAS preparation.

I also have this video on youtube as a bigger file for better picture. Playground science summer course Museum of Science – Boston summer 2008 instructions a…

19 comments to How to Read the Newspaper for IAS Preparation

  • Napoleon4778  says:

    It’s ‘sir’ and not ‘sie’, unless you are? a Japanese!

  • Napoleon4778  says:

    It actually does not matter whether they know English or not. But a greater matter of concern is the? fact that most of them are stooges of the party in power.

  • Napoleon4778  says:

    It will do you good if you’d learn to articulate your thoughts in a proper manner in ANY language. You can’t even insult somebody properly! If at all you wished to address me in your mother tongue, you could have done it in its original script-if not out of respect for me, then out of respect for that language.
    Check your spelling of ‘bureaucrat’, mister, for you? have written it as ‘beurecrat’.

  • Napoleon4778  says:

    Let me see your face then…
    This is the grammar police. We have your brain completely surrounded. You are being arrested for the crime of stupidity. Allow your gray cells, if there? are any, to come out with their arms raised.

  • Napoleon4778  says:

    These aspirants fail to realize that this exam is not meant? for crammers and is not going to tests the knowledge you have gathered in some coaching institute or reading the past issues of one single journal/periodical/magazine/newspaper.

  • Napoleon4778  says:

    Well, my letters (and articles) are being published in The Hindu for three years.
    If you were so very interested in knowing my name, you’d have messaged me. And certainly, it is pure delight for a person telling all you aspirants on how to read the newspaper so confidently. Reading is an art that comes naturally…. I have seen many aspirants literally? mugging up the editorial sections of a newspaper and even highlighting and underlining proper nouns.

  • Napoleon4778  says:

    Well well well, who do we have here. Considering that you have an intrinsic habit of writing Hindi in Roman script, we believe that you’ll certainly be able to clear the UPSC examination with flying colors (pun intended). Of course, proficiency in English, or any language, is no measure of the governing abilities of a person but even if you wanted to write in Hindi (which? may or may not be your medium of examination), at least you could have chosen the Devanagiri script-in which it was born.

  • monisha orisis  says:

    excuse me Mr.Eric……..We dont think ur english is so much important in govt jobs……moreover we r all forced to learn english……and? we never learn it with interest……..bcz it is all a part of western dominance!!!!!! (can’t even speak english???? wth) ………There’s nothing important in learning and speaking english

  • Krushnal B.  says:

    Yeah, just? chill on that foreigner dude. He has been given a warning though.

  • Krushnal B.  says:

    I’m sure that’s against the Indian Government. You CAN be arrested for speaking against any? nation which indeed creates national insecurity, hatred and mistrust among nations. So next time, think several times before posting anything.

  • vcvcism  says:

    BY the name of? Napoleon4778??

  • Rajat Dubey  says:

    apni shakal dekh kar? comment likha kar

  • rayhan ahmad  says:

    wait how? many tubes are there suppose to be in total again.

  • tomvee22  says:


  • ceramiceye  says:

    thanks for that info. next time I will try that lenth, because it does usually end up a? little funny shaped on the last layer.

  • ceramiceye  says:

    THANKS! (this is a way? late response) but I hope it worked out for you!

  • PrDrMrmanSir  says:

    Check? out The elements by They Might Be Giants

  • James Olsen  says:

    I believe that your lengths are? not in the correct ratio. The long to short ratio should be 1.13. We followed your steps but used 71 cm and 63 cm and it worked better.

  • treasurebooking  says:

    Thanks so much for such detailed instructions. We’re going to use this at a Cub Scout Space camp with about 90 boys. If I can figure out how to download this, I’ll be? showing them your video at the camp. Good on you!

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