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22 comments to How to: Newspaper Nails

  • Jaylynn Jones  says:
  • Ariana Rumbarger  says:

    You can also use magazeien and water?

  • Aleeza Momand  says:

    Cool! LOL!?

  • Muskan Kumar  says:

    Cant u do it with water??

  • Jaylynn Jones  says:

    It Didn’t Work For Me?

  • vlogs by kyla  says:

    Perfect loving. It ?????

  • PumpItUpChick09  says:

    hi this worked for me lol?

  • linamariax3ify  says:

    that sounds painful!

  • shakarai2366  says:

    do i let the nail polish dry first

  • Luxxi Norro  says:

    P.S.S. I wonder if I could use vodka…. cause we don’t have rubbing
    alcohol lol.

  • linamariax3ify  says:

    @videomaster120 awww, thank you so much!!!! hehe 😀 maybe i should be
    Camilla Belle for Halloween!

  • hannahlovesification  says:

    You can also do this with the comic strips in the newspaper. Just be sure
    to use a white nailpolish first so the colors come out right. (:

  • linamariax3ify  says:

    @BeyondBracelets I’m sure it was invented a LONG time ago. What people
    don’t realize is that no matter what anyone does these days, someone else
    already did. They could keep the dislikes coming, but it’s not affecting me
    in any way. Besides, I know there’s some people watching this video now,
    that didn’t even know how to do this, as long as it’s beneficial to even
    ONE person, then i’m happy.

  • linamariax3ify  says:

    yay ! i’m glad it worked out for you!!!

  • linamariax3ify  says:

    imovie! 😀

  • natalia paulos  says:

    everything is invented, nobody has discovered anything 🙂

  • pinkxoxofrosting  says:

    I’m gonna try it! Do more nail tutorials (;

  • JuLiannA PorTeLLi  says:

    thanks…love them

  • thedancegroupstudio1  says:


  • delilahgraziella  says:

    Thanks so much x:D

  • Emeri Early  says:

    Could you use Magazine clippings too ?? 🙂

  • linamariax3ify  says:

    @xjuicyrockzx if quick dry is clear then it should be okay! anything clear
    on top will work just so the newspaper ink doesnt come off!

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