Hindi portals: Delivering News on Indian Politics, Entertainment and Sports

One can observe a rise of websites in native languages. They integrate local and international news and facilitate news to readers on the internet. Hindi being the mother tongue of more than 40% Indias (and is one of the most spoken languages of the world) features as a language of a horde of upcoming news portals.

Hindi is the national language of India and is one of the strong uniting threads of this culturally diverse country. And going by the count of NRIs (Non-resident Indians) populating the diverse parts of the globe, evidently, there exist several websites that cater to the needs of local and international news in Hindi.

Be it Indian sports news, political news, entertainment news; these websites compete in delivering information piped hot. Thanks to the IPL fever, many websites with provision of sports news in Hindi also offer the service of live video streaming.

Hindi newspapers in India have a wider circulation range (in comparison to other languages, including English) and have the highest number of readers in the country. It is a common language of a good percentage of the population in India irrespective of the class or other societal divisions. India, with a vastly improving internet penetration arte and a growing number of over 80 million internet users show a growing prospect for a wide Hindi portal reader/subscriber base.

NRIs who cannot easily avail news about their locality, find a novel way of being connected with the local happenings of their country through websites offering news in Hindi. While international entertainment, politics and sports news can be reached at easily, Indian (moreover local) entertainment, political news can also be availed easily despite of being stationed at a place far way from India.

Region-specific news offered by websites in Hindi comes in handy for ones to stay attuned to the information about their locality. By delivering region-specific entertainment, politics and sports news in Hindi, these websites provide sumptuous information to the people living away from their region.

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