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24 comments to Half Life 2 Beta Story Live Stream

  • Gordon Freeman  says:

    Love your channel man, you deserve ALOT more subscribers!?

  • pinkfloydfan123  says:

    I really wish that they kept the dark story, I mean the story to half life
    2 is already dark but I really believe that it would of been a better
    experience game play wise if they had kept more of the darker elements in
    ie. combine executing unarmed civilians.?

  • Legio207  says:

    I loved your video i can see your a real half life fan like me ive been
    playing half life since 1998 when i was 6 years old… :p but why did you
    upload in such low res??

  • The Trolldier  says:

    Actually, that first area DID make it in the final game, it’s near the end
    of Anticitizen One after Alyx is captured and you go into the canals.?

  • Foxtrop13  says:

    the original story sounds like awesome, the oceans drained could be fucking
    awesome to see in game?

  • Arik  says:

    Wait… has anyone else noticed the graffiti of a rebel with a gas mask in
    HL2 final??

  • slackingstacker  says:

    Hey, I’m the lead dev of Insolence. Thank you so much for playing some of
    our maps! I am slightly disappointed that you didn’t play them in Insolence
    since there are a lot of NPC entities in the maps that don’t work in MI.
    But nonetheless, thank you for playing through them!?

  • Nathan Huth  says:

    A look at gameplay of cut characters, guns, maps, etc. from Half-Life 2.
    Fantastic stuff.?

  • ?????CRAZY  says:

    Notice how the chapter with the skyscraper is called “Vertigo.” And the
    skyscraper map in CS:GO is called “Vertigo.” Smooth one, VALVe.?

  • Natsu Dragneel  says:

    i think that the ones with flamethrowers ARE in 2, cuz you know. the
    corpses needed to be burned somehow!?

  • pinkfloydfan123  says:

    In the beginning, did they get rid of the map? I just downloaded missing
    information and it doesn’t have that map.?

  • Mike Schmidt  says:

    Like if you came here from the unused weapons from hl2 beta?

  • Gethyn ThomasQuail  says:

    The Axel Project! Glad to see it being used for a video like this! Some
    fond times working on TAP, the team behind it had quite a few talented
    people. I still bring it up once in awhile whenever I want to have
    nostalgia/just explore the vast HL2 Leak.?

  • SuperFabulousFilms  says:


  • Mr.Shadow  says:

    Can anybody make this for Garry’s mod? i’d *LOVE* to present Half-Beta-Life
    2 to my friends
    Also: Half-Life 2 Director’s cut. it would be amazing
    1:08:22 So that’s why some rebels say “Good thing that there are no kids
    looking all this” and stuff.?

  • Peter Taylor  says:

    where can i get the beta?

  • ben guthrie  says:

    in gmod I found several of these models?

  • wolfcl0ck  says:

    What do you think would happen if you took the creators of all of these
    mods, put them together in one room, told them to make a mega mod that
    nearly recreates all of the beta, and threw some money at them?
    Edit: Could you possibly give us a download of this mod compilation you
    made? I’d love to be able to go through more beta content without having to
    switch between mods all the time.?

  • Huebert Anderdale  says:

    @valvenewsnetwork Can you give us links for these mods?

  • JimmyBshaw  says:

    Even I knew the horse statues were in the game.Haha I’m just giving you a
    hard time. It’s hard to know everything about Half life.Good work with this

  • MihealMLG  says:

    Man, why you only have a combine of like 40,000 subs on your channels I
    will never know. The content you produce is worthy of one of those 1.5-2
    million sub channels you see. +seeing a verified check next to your name
    would be cool?

  • Spewkies  says:

    How many people have watched the e3 2003 videos??

  • Swiftburn  says:

    So what popped up at you in the e3 tech demo? Was it a scary face? Zombie?
    G-man ? What was it??

  • Keegan Bert  says:

    gman actaly looks handsome hee is not a freak right now the univurse is
    explodeing wut is happening wut kind of werid twisted world is thia ah gman
    isnt ugly?

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