Funny news bloopers!
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The Senior TV Class at Amherst Steele HS produces 150 live newscasts per year. We devoted this show to a single topic: School Security. This is the entire 13…

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20 comments to FUNNY NEWS BLOOPERS

  • David JR  says:

    wow he pushed her OMG what are we gonna do? now ?!?!?! biatch please … she deserved much more then just a push

  • fireeffects22  says:

    240P We? meet again!

  • Jessica Gonzalez  says:

    even worse? at 5:30! what a dick! look like a fag pushing a woman

  • Jessica Gonzalez  says:

    A little too aggressive? there with the college girl 4:30

  • Jess Puentes  says:

    The reporter at 0:20 just made it more and? more awkward each second.. lol

  • uglyhortense  says:

    he’s gay for mountain climbing!

  • yoshicoto888  says:

    That escalated quickly.?

  • XxKillerNinja  says:

    Hi Jane, you’re on YouTube.?

  • Chad Richard  says:

    the crashing of the live reports is the best ?

  • liquidforce23xti  says:

    At the very end the guy even said, “did you get? that”?

  • xd40grant07  says:

    428 hahahaha?

  • Brad Drach  says:

    6:40 is epic. That guy is a stud. Does a complete 360 and lands flat on his back and still has it in him? to pick the mic up and continue (kind of) broadcasting. Boss man, totally boss.

  • Alex Maxey  says:

    3:25 hes gay…?

  • BigBlue0002  says:

    Hmm… That “weather lady” @ 3:00 looks? like a black guy. Oh, it IS a black guy?!?! LoL. Barely…

  • EXALTEDDIRT  says:

    Are you good enough to go to Heaven? How many lies have you told in your Life? Have you ever stolen? Jesus said whoever looks at a woman with Lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart; ever done that? Have you ever used God’s name in vain? If so God sees you as a Lying, Thieving, Blasphemous Adulterer at heart and you must face God on judgment day; will you be innocent? or guilty? Whoever is found guilty will perish eternally; you broke God’s? Laws but Jesus paid your fine! Repent

  • capietrobelli  says:

    “Violent cri- RAAAA!!!”?

  • Raaspaa OVO  says:

    according to me,? 6:39 was the? best part!!

  • infectedxstudios97  says:


  • guy4221  says:

    2:34 oh belive me girl you have been youtubed?

  • SooConfused1997  says:

    Zedd brought me here.?

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