Fox News Got HACKED. REAL.

Fox News Got HACKED.  REAL.

Go to and join the movement! Hello Monday night I hacked into the FoxNews news ticker on 6th avenue in NYC. Here’s the video. If you’d like to k…
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Catch the LOLDarshan news.
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17 comments to Fox News Got HACKED. REAL.

  • ChillinRelaxinBruh99  says:

    However,? you are probably the retard, considering you can’t spell retarded.

  • Undertaker5712  says:

    No it’s the left? wingers not the right wingers.

  • cletus fetus  says:

    I came here? for ass

  • jaimejm954  says:

    …not fucking funny you? pussu

  • Tox Rah  says:

    if its real then it can’t be a? fail

  • oOEPICxFRIEZOo  says:

    0:05? DAT ASS

  • Calbha Vaughn  says:


  • Calbha Vaughn  says:

    Congratulations to shit talkers for their electronic courage? What have you done to let the world know what is right and? wrong?

  • Abel Chavero  says:

    Stupit bitch?

  • Jradwhitaker  says:

    Fake and gay, even if its a real? hacker, still gay, fail

  • pandabear5418  says:

    It would of been alot more? funny if it wasn’t about political views

  • Tommy Tuberville  says:

    Okay I get it, so? you get money every time that stupid little scheduling site gets a hit.

    Holy shit, that’s the biggest sellout I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  • Tommy Tuberville  says:

    That is actually? nothing.

    What revolutionaries, they hack some ticker nobody’s watching for 2 minutes, then post a website that goes nowhere.

    Good job of being total faggots.

  • AliciaMaricia  says:

    i love her reaction to the hack?

  • loganjackson98  says:

    Actually, you can’t join Anonymous because it’s nothing. It’s just an idea people follow. Everyone and no one is anonymous. You are anonymous, I am anonymous, everyone is. No one is to say “you are in,” or “you are out.” There are no posers, there are no wannabes, there is no real anonymous, everyone is anonymous. Anonymous hacks to prove a point, to wake people up. Did you read? the sign when it was hacked? They want people to wake up, not just because they can hack.

  • MegaVergan  says:

    Lol! This is actually? quite funny.

  • Sukhdeep Singh  says:

    bitch please___!!?

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