• Marixuana Mirovoye Derevo  says:

    The state should control alcohol and nicotine, if she does not care about the future of mankind. God made marijuana, man made alcohol. Christians use a lot of alcohol and tobacco, so their numbers are decreasing, Muslims also? use marijuana-world tree increases their numbers! I want people to be healthy and the world.

    The Joy of the People. Art. The World Tree May 29, 1960.

  • gabytorres4988  says:

    Yea you wach it and we get hit by it with a fucking? tusunami stock up.

  • girlieanachronism  says:

    Ben, the seas, when used in prophetic? scripture are actually symbolic of masses of people

  • girlieanachronism  says:

    the video keeps messing up even though i? paused it and let it load its still being choppy and weird

  • A Watchman  says:

    Blue Kachina! Planet? X then comes and brings Judgment!!!

  • caessarion  says:

    I think what that means, is that time is not real in spirit. Jesus even says he would come back in the apostles lifetimes,? and not as the resurected, but as himself again. again, that probably means within us.

  • caessarion  says:

    no, nibi comes by every 24 thousand years which explains all the lost civilizations, dinosaurs fossilized eating grass, and? so many hundreds of other things, even mentioned in our spiritual lesson book.

  • Douche Bigalow  says:

    andromada would be my best guess cause of how close it is to our own milky way. scientist say one day. millions of years from now, our galaxy and adromada will collide and morph into a super galaxy…boy, wont that be one hell of a ride lol?

  • Douche Bigalow  says:

    nope. a comet but not nibiru….nibiru? is said to be a rouge planet that floated over here from another solar system. possibly from the andromada galaxy

  • Douche Bigalow  says:

    nobody knows the day nor? the hour. but jesus gave us ‘signs’ to look for pointing to his coming

  • Douche Bigalow  says:

    i believe the seas roaring reference in the bible will be caused by a gravitational pull on the earth from the? comet…no?

  • Jodysephus  says:

    Hold the Taters! Want to see a prophecy in the book of Daniel that has been undiscovered till this very day and time? I’m throwing this all over you-tube tonight to all the prophets, so don’t you be the one to miss out on it ok? Please.. It either corrects or proves all end times related prophecy and is fixing to take the web by storm!? watch?v=-yGZHso9d24

  • Ren HR  says:

    Whats that about a fb? page whats the link

  • larainework  says:

    LOOK /why-is-there-a-nuke-event-in-la-april-28th-facebook-page-memorial-set-up-days-ago/?

  • Damzyl27  says:

    In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 1 Corinthians 15:52…..Technically until we are raised up to heaven we are actually dead. Jesus is what gives us life. We are in a? sense dead until we are born again through Jesus.

  • Damzyl27  says:

    The bible says no one knows the day or hour, but we are allowed to know “about” when…(Thessolonians1 5:4) I have 4 pieces of information that? God helped me research that can back up my theory. If anyone’s interested you can inbox me.

  • Damzyl27  says:

    the asteroids written in the bible book of revelation don’t come until late 2019. So all can relax. Plus the christians/chosen are called up first before it all happens. Revelation 4?

  • lucia gomes  says:

    Voces ja pararao para pensar que esse cometa poderia ser a estrela que a biblia fala , que anunciou o nascimento de jesus , e que ele tbm pode ser a estrela azul dos hope , e que todo esse comentario que a tv faz , e somente para esconder uma verdade nua? e crua .

  • caessarion  says:

    no, how could one know if it’s the event of the century, at such an early part of the century, what if this nibiru comes, and then what if Jesus comes after, wouldn’t that be bigger, and yo know “they” don’t know that. or what if aliens come, or? giants?

  • 5starsteve1  says:

    comet? Nubiru??

  • Flavius Maximus  says:

    Who would think you would ever? be better off reading Pravda,Russian newspaper meaning the truth………..than the major media in this country….?

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