Firing in Kapurthala Jail on MH1 NEWS CHANNEL Part – 3

Firing in Kapurthala Jail on MH1 NEWS CHANNEL Part – 3 ….. Powered By : Catrack Worldwide (

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9 comments to Firing in Kapurthala Jail on MH1 NEWS CHANNEL Part – 3

  • balwant singh  says:

    K s mkan ?? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ??, ?? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ??, ?? ????
    ??? ?????? ???? ??, ?? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ??,?

  • ranjit singh  says:

    Jhooth e boli jandi e navi jail kithon aa o ta subhan pur road te aa kdi aa
    k dekh v lia kro paise le k khabar la dinde aa ?

  • Sukh Kabaddi  says:

    No good

  • wali abdu  says:

    Plz send telangana news and videos

  • vikr4m  says:

    Bullshit this is old Kapurthala jail…not modern jail..My uncle is
    incharge of modern jail…and its a brand new jail..where as this one is of
    British era…Media is full of shit…

  • WantedVampires69  says:

    Subbed bitch?

  • Queen Bee  says:

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  • ViewWhore4Hire  says:

    this is what i’ve been waiting on?

  • Queen Bee  says:

    Not even 30 seconds, and it’s already ‘Marked As Spam.’ I’m a fucking
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