Do you know any good World News summaries?

world news
by Joits

Question by nicenightforfun: Do you know any good World News summaries?
My history teacher is looking for a news summary about world news. Please help!!!
Must be on a big TV station (mbc, cnn, fox, etc.)
Must address world news in about 5 min.

Thank you soo much for your help.
O btw. we have to watch it in class and take notes on it. Sounds strange? Yes it is.

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Answer by der_grosse_e

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One comment to Do you know any good World News summaries?

  • Victoria Love-Williams  says:

    If you have to summarize news from the TV, then you need to turn on your TV and summarize one of the stories related to a foreign country. The “must be on TV” part is odd, but if it must, then you have to watch it on TV or find a video clip of the story. Go to CNN, Fox, (whatever news program you choose) and watch video clips if you can’t get enough from the TV.

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