Dedication to “March of a million people” Deepam/Light

Some cool world news images:

Dedication to “March of a million people” Deepam/Light
world news
Image by {deepapraveen very busy with work..back soon
For my brothers and sisters in Egypt.

For all those who rallied in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and for all others who can"t make it out.
dedicate it also
To the loved ones of those who have already lost their lives in this…

As you,we also believe in a better world.

Was watching the news and an old men said they are fighting for dignity. Yes they are.

"Paulo Coelho: Impossible battles are still possible"

Few shots of light

ABC News Shoot: My Mom, Retirement and Blogging
world news
Image by stevegarfield
Behind the scenes at the ABC News shoot of my mom for a segment on retirement and blogging for World News.

My Mom’s Blog

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