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16 comments to Crazy Newspaper Man

  • ??????? ??????????  says:

    What’s his name? he is good actor!?

  • AMC Tube  says:

    LOL hes a good actor LOL

  • Vannereveilar  says:

    now I know another way to chat up a lady.

  • SkylordDangler  says:

    aww… he just wanted attention… like a dog. lol

  • FirasTeinz  says:

    That’s for me the best JFL member ever!!!

  • navegamadrid  says:

    This isnt Canada, the women are ugly n old.

  • Cherry2891  says:

    it’s always him doing “such” stuff, idk, it’s so funny xD

  • HECDC LP  says:

    my father is more intense when reading his paper lol

  • vidaNdad  says:

    this guy is good!

  • MohammeddKhan  says:

    Come on, people really happy like this when pranks like this happen? Noooo
    I don’t believe it why aren’t these people getting pissed and yelling like
    we all do now? It’s to good to be true, might be staged.

  • Moonshine983  says:

    @AuiCsc ‘Insert Elf quote here”.

  • orzhageN  says:

    1:30 LOL

  • Logjinus Cunty  says:

    seconds my cunty

  • CIRUS MEDIA  says:

    lol at trying to drink that woman’s coffee!!

  • Gideon Pechangco  says:

    0:25 is that straw upside down or is that just how it is? Cause i drink
    icees with that scoop in the drink.

  • PERUANO31  says:

    @AuiCsc fuck Starbucks right!??! LOL

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