Cool World News images

Some cool world news images:

whirling people machine
world news
Image by joiseyshowaa
A bit of a surreal treatment, but still cool. TIme delay and HDR. One night on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ.

Web sites using this photo:……………………………………………

H├Ąppy Earth Day! – Path to a sustainable world
world news
Image by PeterThoeny
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Our Earth has so many beautiful places. I go out to nature to fill my soul and root myself. This photo is taken at Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, California.

We cannot continue as usual. What do you do to keep the environment sound and healthy?
– I try to ride my bicycle where possible
– I still drive a 14 year old car, I’ll likely get an all electric car when I need a new one
– I share news on renewable energies, and on the pitfall of fossil fuels
– I promote and support businesses that support a sustainable world – check out B Corporations (video)
– I use Skype extensively for online meetings

HDR, 3 RAW exposures, NEX-6, _DSC6173_4_5_hdr3smo2a

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