Cool News Live images

Some cool news live images:

Beauty & the Beasts
news live
Image by Hamed Saber
Just see and cry…
Cry and die…

This is not my photograph (In my whole photo-stream, this is the only exception which is not mine). This picture was taken by photographer of Fars News Agency yesterday. It is appeared a woman who wearing Chador (black Hejab) took into a custody a lady who wearing red coat.

These days the Iranian Government, especially by the coming
of ultra conservatives like president Ahmadi Nejad and his
followers have established interest in enforcing people to
observe a Dress Code they call Islamic.

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From Imam Ali (1st Imam of Shias and 4th Kahlif of Sunnis):
"It has come to my information that a man from the army of
Sham (enemy) has entered the home of two women that were under the
protection of an Islamic reign, one Muslim and one not.
They took their jewelery, bracelets and earrings while
they had nothing to defend themselves other than their
weeps and tears.
If after this incident a Muslim dies of regret due,
in my opinion it is just

What they think of Islam? What the fuck they want from us?

Leave us alone….!
We know how we should live!
We know how we should wear!
We know how we should pray!
We know how we should be a Muslim!
Go away from "our" country bastard pirates!

This is the first time I’m uploading a photo which is not taken by me, I just retouched it.
Other shots from beasts:

DC People and places with Sony A7 II 50713
news live
Image by tedeytan
"In 1986, police took over Hanover Place, where Tony Lewis lived. It was a year-long, 24-hour-a-day occupation: there was a command-center in a trailer, and a daily rotation of 60 officers patrolling the immediate area.

The city boarded up 47 vacant buildings. The Department of Public Works hauled away 300 tons of trash — old couches and mattresses that had been used to barricade alleys and stymie police. Not just furniture, but abandoned cars too: police recovered 41 stolen vehicles in the area."

‘It was pretty massive in terms of the expense,’ says Fulwood.

In overtime hours alone, it cost MPD more than million. But the results of operations like this were mixed, at best.

“You would walk away from there and say, ‘Gosh, we’ve done all these things and yet we’re still having some of the same problems.’ Because now the problem has moved from Hanover Place, to P Street, which is a block away.” – see

To see an image of this street in 1984 ->

Dramatic Day on the Lake!
news live
Image by Douglas Brown
A photograph of Goose Lake, not far from our house, on a really dramatic day, weather-wise. I checked on the Ducklings and they are all pretty big now and it seemed like, oh, 50% survived. Always a harsh reality.

I did get a glimpse of a black bear and her two cubs who have been living in this area and getting on the TV news a few times. But I had my ultra wide-angle lens on my camera and they were too far away… an moving fast!

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