Cool Breaking News images

A few nice breaking news images I found:

breaking news: tribe conforms to 2257
breaking news
Image by irina slutsky
eddie and i were out taping for getv and ran into violet blue, who was shook up from her day of talking to — they decided to conform to 2257 laws — basically this means that any "obscene" pictures or content on tribe will no longer be OK. check out our interview with violet friday morning (tomorrow) on

breaking news
Image by darinrmcclure

Breaking news! OREO introduced in France.
breaking news
Image by notfrancois
As i was doing my sugary shoping something out of this world but familiar caught my eye: Oreo biscuits as seen on Alachia’s Flickr channel! Funny how this happened as the day before i noticed how french sewer entry look like an Oreo biscuit… I’m not a big fan of vanilla but bought few packs per respect for our Queen. Have yet to try them.

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