CNN: Alien found on Mars? True Evidence? Documentary Short

Updated info a new video has realased a watch storm a tour bus Enter Area51 and all catch on video CNN Alien Lif…

19 comments to CNN: Alien found on Mars? True Evidence? Documentary Short

  • Nakia Boyer  says:

    Hello everyone, God bless all. Obviously by that comment I’m not an
    evolutionist. OK let’s be logical about water on Mars. The planets orbit
    the sun. They are slowly getting further from the sun by a very small
    portion, a matter of inches over many years. So this would mean everything
    was a little closer. My point is water boils and vaporizes at 211.9°F
    (99.97°C) now Mars on the other hand is 225°F far beyond the boiling point
    of water. How could a planet with a higher heat level have water on it.
    Just because it appears to have water by the sand formation doesn’t mean
    anything. Deserts here on earth do the same thing by wind effects. As far
    as the minerals on Mars in that so called evidence. We must remember NASA
    works for the government; and when are they ever totally honest? I wouldn’t
    trust that source. While everyone is looking up into space for life; people
    are taking the focus off the life your living here. The country is being
    run by corrupt Lucifer worshippers. Conspiracy theorist your probably
    saying but don’t take my words for it. Let’s ask the official writings of
    the United Nations authors like Albert Pike, Alice A. Bailey, Helena
    Blavatsky and Manly P. Hall who say Lucifer is God not Yahweh. No matter
    where you are on earth at the highest level of power Freemason and secret
    societies run the world. They take their orders from the Jesuits who take
    their orders from the Popes of Rome (Antichrist). Those same people own the
    television station continually lying about water on Mars or life in space.
    Oh there’s life in space but they are closer to home and called demons.
    Which these people in power worship to receive money and power. If anyone
    desires to know what the Bible prophecy really says about who the
    Antichrist is, 666, mark of the beast, false prophet and much more. Email
    me at profoundtruth777@gmail I will show you the Bible and explains all
    prophecy we don’t need to guess. Will also send errors in evolution they
    don’t tell you about. Like the big bang is scientifically impossible by the
    method called the conservation of angular momentum. This is the scientific
    method that says if something is spinning (big bang) and objects (Matter)
    are thrown off it. They will all be spinning in the same direction as the
    original rotation. Plus the second law of thermodynamics says matter can’t
    be eternal. Things never remain in perfect condition on earth or in space,
    so this means the universe had a beginning. So where could the matter for
    the big bang come from it matter isn’t eternal. An I know most will say
    where did God com from. That’s an assumption He lives and is bound by time
    like we are. He created time space and matter, how I don’t know. All it
    says is He spoke and it was. Yes that take faith but so does physics
    breaking eternal matter you never seen happen ever in a scientific lab in
    from of your face. Repent for the end is near, to those who have the faith.
    Stay strong and finish the race. Praise God (Yahweh) ?

  • Mike B  says:

    WOW… WOWWW! There are some seriously CRAZY people commenting! Theres
    religious people, who dont believe in hard facts and proven science,
    starting some scientific rule saying “matter doesnt last forever”. IT DOES.
    matter can NEVER be completely destroyed, not even in a black hole. Then
    theres others combining the bible and aliens- saying the stars of Orion
    arent stars, but ALIEN SPACESHIPS! Whattt?! Im open minded, believe in some
    conspiracy theories, but these people are WAYY out there! Haha.?

  • Chris Brand  says:

    Mars is what Earth will look like after we destroy her!!!?

  • Nick Christopoulos  says:

    Why would I even consider listening to anything Nasa has to say when it’s a
    fact that they have lied about everything, so many artificial structures
    ,vegetation forests and life ignored by Nasa on mars but seen by many ,
    they have been exploring that planet forever but they wouldn’t dare turn on
    a video camera live feed and let us watch would they ??? ?

  • Pete Johnson  says:

    how much better would that be without all the crap on the screen,,,?

  • westovermiller  says:

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  • max tek  says:

    nope earth wont look like mars when we so called destroy her. their are
    some main factors of mars that completely put it in it’s own category, Mars
    has a diameter of 4,222 miles (6,794 km) which makes it a little more than
    half (about 53%) the diameter of Earth. It has about one-ninth the mass of
    Earth. so mars is more vulnerable to losing its atmosphere by the solar
    wind. also a lot of what we were told in science class that mars is dead
    red and and now that other space agencies are sending probes they are not
    altering them like nasa, so you see a blue sky and rock material identical
    to what we see here.?

  • Paolo Kopeland  says:

    Unbelevable ,they re talking if there was or not water on MARS when in the
    picture of the Rover , I saw a bootle of Coca cola , and so many
    artifact…It was not enought the picture on Google Earth on mars ,now also
    the HD …and still they don t see those things, and if people ask , they
    say that are natural, made it in the years bythe corrosion of Air wind
    and water!!!!…Something is wrong- OPEN YOUR MIND ad also your ADOBE
    PHOTOSHOP and have look yourself..?

  • Ashiko Smith  says:

    The rover his all this tech but they couldn’t fix it with a fucking HD cam
    on that bitch? Fuck outta here, people are so fucking slow. ?

  • robert Insenga  says:

    The sad part is they found so much on Mars now they are fearful of sharing
    it with the public.

    Why is their no longer life there?
    Remember the fire from the sky legends in the bible?

    Nuclear war on Mars…?

  • NOFEAR1850  says:

    The CNN and NASA are both contolled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation
    its highly unlikely this is true ?

  • Bryan Bacaicua  says:

    Really? We knew there was water at some point on mars in the 90s. Whoever
    posted this video either lives in a cave or wasted over 100 peoples time
    especially your own.?

  • 1CHUCKY3000  says:


  • Rawfur Rahman  says:

    Aliens visiting our planet are fake. ?

  • Muhammad Nurcahyo Pratomo  says:

    Alien ? just bullshit …think logic no one alien in the world just angel
    and human.. Alien in mars lolz you kids?

  • Argo Gulfski  says:

    if its atmosphere was different it could be possible to have water at those

  • Cambria Morgan  says:

    I have a theory.Mayby the water went underground.The aliens might have
    figured that out and have moved underground and maybe even made a whole
    civilization down there.Maybe they come to the surface to collect ‘iron
    dust’and compress it into ingots to keep building.?

  • Jim Whitesell  says:

    Does that new rover have an autonomous self defence weapons system? Other
    sights show lots of aliens and ruins on mars. I think this news show needs
    to polagraph this scientific expert. Jim W.?

  • higoten1993  says:

    water was discovered on mars in the 1960’s, so this isn’t news…. also
    their is water on the moon.?

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