Children on the street at Rangdum, Kashmir, India

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Children on the street at Rangdum, Kashmir, India
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Rangdum is a tiny hamlet just before the start of Zanskar, one of remotest valley in India. It has around ten houses, a couple food stalls (travelers usually halt here for lunch) and a few guest houses (again, for travelers who want to halt for the night). The village is essentially a definition of "in the middle of nowhere".

These kids were playing near a village stupa when we halted for lunch. We wondered what their lives must be like, living in such isolation. From what we saw, it sure seemed like a lot of fun!

Read more of the kids we met at The kids of the hills…

This image is a part of Yahoo Picture of the day presents Children from Around The World.

I’ve been Tagged!
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EXPLORE January 2, 2009 #344

Man on Construction Beam, by Stephan Balkenhol, in Munich

I’ve been tagged by Sylver…. I must post a picture and then describe 16 random things about myself or things that have happened to me.

1. I live in Esparreguera, Catalonia.
2. Although I took a degree in Biology I ended up working in the IT industry.
3. I have a Yorkie. Her name is Xica.
4. I love Blues music.
5. Long time ago, I took part in "La Passió" in the "Childrens’ scene"
6. I wish I had more time to visit and comment my friends’ streams.
7. I’m very clumsy.
8. I enjoy editing pictures just as much as taking them.
9. As far as I can, I only use open-source software.
10. This was the first picture I faved, quite before I uploaded my first picture. Fortunately I wasn’t blocked!
11. I wear glasses.
12. I don’t like cod.
13. I sleep like a log.
14. This is my most searched for picture in Flickr. Guess which is the key word they are looking for.
15. Another hobby of mine is vexillology.
16. I recently joined AFE (Agrupació Fotogràfica d’Esparreguera).

See where this picture was taken. [?]

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