CHEMTRAIL SNOW THAT DOESN’T MELT!! Geoengineering Depopulation Agenda!! BREAKING NEWS!!

CHEMTRAIL SNOW THAT DOESN'T MELT!! Geoengineering Depopulation Agenda!! BREAKING NEWS!!

CHEMTRAIL SNOW THAT DOESN’T MELT !! Geoengineering Depopulation Agenda!! BREAKING NEWS!! MAKE VIRAL ALL!! ~subscr…

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43 comments to CHEMTRAIL SNOW THAT DOESN’T MELT!! Geoengineering Depopulation Agenda!! BREAKING NEWS!!

  • moomoo1337  says:

    You do understand that snow is a fantastic insulator of air?
    All you’re doing is converting the small amount of actual water into steam

  • William Osdborne  says:

    Not surprised at all. They’re fucking up and the only way they can be
    stopped is have the economy crash so there is no more money to continue
    being sociopathic murdering morons.?

  • michaelnew1962  says:

    Come on dude. Why spread such gimmicky BS??

  • Petter Warr  says:

    Really? All who think this shit real, are dumb asses.
    The fucking water SOAKED the snow, you see that blueish tint on the snow?
    Yeah. Thats water.
    Fucking idiots…?

  • Harold Hart  says:


  • Vidsplode  says:

    Snow is 96% air in composition. It doesn’t melt when exposed to a direct
    flame, instead it instantly evaporates in a process known as sublimation.
    That is why it doesn’t appear to melt. Really cool scientific principal!?

  • Brown banda  says:

    The reason the snow does not “melt” is because it actually is melting. If
    you look at the part of the video when he has just finished melting it with
    his blow torch you can see the water trapped. Now if he finished melting it
    all the way the water would have come out. The reason behind this is
    because liters use butane and not propane anymore. And his map gas was
    using butane. Butane does not burn as hot as propane and also the black
    stuff on the snow is the butane infused into it. ?

  • Rex Rose  says:

    So there must be fields of un-melted snow around there this Summer. Take
    the camera outside and show us the fields of unmelted snow baking in the
    sun. It must be a shocking sight. ?

  • Dave Doyle  says:

    This is not how science works. Comparing snow and ice? No, if you’re going
    to do this you need “chemtrail snow” and control snow.

    The snow wasn’t melting, no – it was sublimating. It has a more open
    structure and was probably of a slightly higher temperature than the ice.

    Where is the water? It’s in the atmosphere.?

  • cathy denson  says:

    Really you guys if we’re eating GMO products and pesticides what makes you
    think that they wouldn’t do something like that just to boggle your mind so
    you wouldn’t know what else is going on. Sure there are conspiracy theories
    and then there’s real life it’s not a serious at all go figure.?

  • jcbarnhart77  says:

    The water is absorbed into the air filled snow ball like a snow cone
    absorbs sugar water. Thus making slush. An Ice cube is dense water, not
    air filled. What a stupid video that proves nothing. You guys need to
    finish school. ?

  • Dale Bowman  says:

    I’ve noticed the snow takes a long time to melt. . Also much more ice
    storms. Chemical nucleation storms.?

  • AdicusDeath reaper  says:

    You know there are a lot of scientist in this video, a looot of them I have
    noticed are calling this guy stupid. “snow is mostly air dur dur dur it
    wont melt to water dur dur dur you can’t heat it up dur dur dur” Yea tell
    that to the people who actually melt ice in areas like alaska or people
    who survive being trapped on mountains by melting snow for water. I swear
    you guys are so stuck up on a scientist dick that you are probably Atheist
    as well.?

  • TheFreeman4796  says:

    Its not geoengineering

    “Something more interesting happens when you apply very hot temperatures to
    ice – it’s called sublimation, and it’s what happens when a solid turns
    directly into a gas without going through a liquid phase. It doesn’t have
    time to turn into a liquid because you’re scorching the shit out of it. And
    as for the blackening and the offensive odor? Turns out that’s butane. You
    know, the gas that you’re using to create a flame. Anything blackens when
    you blast it with a blowtorch.”?

  • cathy denson  says:

    Like I said in Lyn’s article we used to go camping in the snow and when you
    put a snowy log on the fire, it sizzles and snaps and leaves a big wet
    spot, hard to burn so let’s find somebody who knows where there’s a lab to
    have it tested. We used to say don’t eat the yellow snow cuz you know
    that’s where the Bears go but today just don’t eat it!!! Really it’s not
    even safe to go camping all the joy of life is pretty much gone?

  • justadbeer  says:

    It’s not crazy, it’s called sublimation. It other words, it’s not
    chemtrails, just a lack of not understanding chemistry?

  • UtherPendragan  says:

    It did melt. You fail to realize that there is lots of air space in snow.
    As you melt the outer edge the water fills in that space. Ice has very
    little so when heat it you see the water drip down. Try it again and this
    time melt the whole snowball. You will be amazed at how little water there
    is in a large amount of snow. It is mostly air.?

  • hammyhog1  says:

    Nice try at this hoax – it looks like hydrated sodium polyacrylate or
    hydrated carbon dioxide in triple phase point. It’s been done before – come
    up with something new.?

  • u2bheavenbound  says:


  • Vergie Molina  says:

    Catholic church was the only true church that Jesus build.always putin ur
    mine that Jesus said to his apostle St Peter..Upon this rock I WILL BUILD

  • Sam Preston  says:

    Please people, time is running out. Watch my videos and know Satan is Obama
    the 1st Beast and Prince William is the 2nd Beast who will make all worship
    the 1st Beast of Revelation. United Nations is the 4th Beast in Daniel Ch7.
    After WW3 the UN will take control and Prince William will assume control.
    Babylon will fall and so Obama will have an accident causing him to look
    like Nimrod, if that is the name of the man who lost his left eye, which
    was his eye into the spirit realm. Jesus is coming, prepare the way. God
    bless you my brothers and sisters. ?

  • Ian Combs  says:

    Keep up the good work brother. I have been preparing my whole life for
    this. I try to bring all these things to people’s attention. I’m sure
    you’ve been ridiculed and attacked by many as I have. Thank God for people
    like you and others with the message. It keeps me going and gives me
    strength no matter the consequences. I pray God’s protection for you and
    your family in Jesus Christ’s heavenly name.?

  • Swiss Knight  says:

    At least the fucking demons (ufo’s and their multiple forms of occupants)
    acknowledge that Jesus Christ IS REAL and that He DIED ON A CROSS! Dumb
    idiots! Don’t they know that 90% of the lost world DOES NOT EVEN KNOW THIS
    IS TRUE! Let alone heaven and hell! Morons they are on the dark side,
    death, filth and doctrines of devils! A joke for us Christians who have
    been forewarned by the Glorious Gospel of God! All the best to humanity, we
    have been prepared for 4500 years…?

  • Billy Goat  says:

    Sam Preston I would like to further my knowledge w/ what you speak of…?

  • stokes stokey  says:

    The bible is ok, it backs up it’s self by it’s self. It was written by
    people who could not read or write. The bible is a symbol, and some hold to
    what they are told. I believe in these “others” as well as a couple of
    lines in the bible. I will be glad when most “wake up” to the real history;
    story of the true human creation, Anunnaki, Nephilim, Kryon, and other
    information. For those who are comfortable in what they believe is ok for
    them. I have chosen to read and read all information and wake up! Jesus
    had a different name in his birth land, but keep calling the human
    incarnation “Jesus” We are all from the prime creator mother/father “all
    that is” …what humans call God.?

  • Vergie Molina  says:

    Wow so what a mess.the whor of babelon that I know is those who disobey the
    lord commandments the abortionist gay merriage the false prophet and all
    kind of mortal sins and those are the murderers and etc….?

  • John Doe  says:

    Might fix the title to be relevant to its content????????

  • Tami Patrick  says:

    Have read many comments written by “born again, spirit filled” Christians
    using scripture to argue with each other. This is dissension, which is of
    satan not Yeshua. Be led by the Holy Spirit not by intellect, and stop
    disagreeing with one another.?

  • Joanne Mann  says:

    Jesus Christ is LORD OF LORD, KING OF KINGS AND THE SAVIOR!! You are sent
    from SATAN HIMSELF! You will be perishing in HELL (where there is no Devil)
    or so you SAY!!
    You have about seven years left!! ?

  • Bletch  says:

    Also, hypothetically speaking, perhaps these “ascended masters” spend so
    much time trying to break down Christianity, because it has had a long
    history of opposing change and advancement, usually with fierce violence
    and death. Perhaps we have to break the shackles of ignorance that is
    religion in general before we can embrace their teachings and start getting
    super powers, curing cancer and what-not. But again, that’s apparently
    wrong because your 2000+ year old Goosebumps novel disagrees…..?

  • Jacob & Tania McLardy  says:

    The Catholic Church is the ONE and ONLY TRUE Church that Jesus the Christ
    founded. If you do not unite to her before you die, you will perish!

    John 6:53-54 So Jesus replied “Truly, I say to you, if you do not eat the
    flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. The
    one who eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives eternal life and I will
    raise him up on the last day.

    Jesus does not speak symbolic here, Jesus speaks the truth as this is one
    of the Dogma’s of the Catholic Faith! This is one reason protestants fight
    against her, and also Jesus!

    Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will not pass

  • MrHaloswrath  says:

    Will they not… Rather.?

  • DelbertStinkfester  says:

    I know how long it takes to put together videos like this. Just a word of
    encouragement for you….You will be rewarded in heaven for all of this
    hard work. Thanks for uploading your hard work. I really appreciate it.?

  • Anad Reltub  says:

    AV Mt 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name
    (Yehoshua) JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. The word
    “Jesus” was first used approximately 1200 to 1250 A.D.. I have been
    researching the Great Deception for quite some time. A delusion so strong
    that it would deceive the very elect if that were possible. I am familiar
    with quite a few of the researchers cited in this video. Sometimes my mind
    almost freezes when I realize the depth and breadth of this delusion. It
    permeates this entire world. Yes, the world will be begging for a
    “Messiah”, so to speak. Any and all who resist will be hunted, not all will
    see death before my Lord returns. I would suggest that one seeks to know
    what it is you were sanctified and ordained to be before you were in the
    belly (Jer.) and then take comfort in the Spirit of the Lord…mogwog?

  • laila lilabad  says:
  • Bletch  says:

    And again, all the evidence presented in this mockumentary is nothing more
    than bible quotes. And seeing as how you cannot sufficiently prove the
    Bible to be anything other than a work of fiction, your argument is

  • Ivan Ybarra  says:

    how is this Aliens stuff its just disproving jesus?

  • Yahushua Fukushima  says:

    Ra sounds like a crack head…maybe he hangs around schools and stuff ;o)?

  • MrHaloswrath  says:

    We can’t prove differences in the bible, so the bible is right. Even though
    it was written by man over thousands of years…. So why will the Catholic
    Church release the tens of thousands of documents and writings they stole
    from around the world over 100s of years?? What is there to hide??

  • Cristina Rodriguez  says:

    Religion is Poison.We must all stand as one,we do not know if all this is
    true,proof is greatly needed.?

  • Karl Bouffard  says:


  • u2bheavenbound  says:

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  • Kirk Grant  says:

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