Celebrities FIGHT on LIVE TV Compilation?

Angry Celebrities FIGHT on LIVE TV Compilation? Angry Celebrities FIGHT on LIVE TV Compilation? Angry Celebrities FIGHT on LIVE TV Compilation? FIGHT___ Very…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

36 comments to Celebrities FIGHT on LIVE TV Compilation?

  • HighGTurn6  says:

    Mike Tyson’s a bitch.?

  • Zevil Gehannivani  says:

    false advertisement I seen no tyra but the rest wow that was good lol!?

  • CookieLlama  says:

    Too bad I don’t know any of these celebrities.?

  • u2good2b4gotn  says:

    John Stossel getting smacked in the head by that WWF Wrestler (I think he’s
    dead now)?

  • BaadBoy's Playhouse  says:

    Your thumbnail doesn’t match anything in the video.?

  • elHEARTBREAKER  says:

    WTF happened to Bjork? She lost it with that poor reporter?

  • 414aliha  says:

    Where was Tyra in this shit??

  • dothedeed  says:

    we don’t give a fuck about these dead people…?

  • Pikeman50  says:

    rosie odonnel is such a pig.?

  • doctamic  says:

    Vince mcman a bitch, i wish i could wrestle him id fuck him up for real in
    front of tv ?

  • Piklu Das  says:
  • BillHicks420  says:

    “Have a nice fight, Mike!”
    “Fuck OOFFF!” Scowling face


  • LilWyble225  says:

    If celebrity’s don’t want their business to be public talking points, then
    they shouldn’t become a celebrity. That’s the price of fame.?

  • drasent  says:

    Not making excuses for Tyson, because what happened is what happened, but
    he WAS going through a LOT of shit when this interview took place. Still,
    no excuse for being a dick & taking it out on live tv tho?

  • smithraymond09029  says:

    Re title this as “Long forgotten” Celebrities FIGHT on LIVE TV Compilation?

  • Konstantinos Stavrakos  says:


  • Ujuani68  says:

    0:33 Just like what Sean Penn did in the 80s… :-(?

  • Ivan Andrews  says:

    Mike Tyson was my favorite. Haha?

  • PrettyTiaF  says:

    That Crispen Glover dude scared the crap outta me. I watched the whole
    video. SCARY! What was he doing?!??

  • jeff radke  says:

    Pryor got owned…good job Milton…?

  • TrueWOPR  says:

    Oh no no no, doesn’t matter that he did more in a single days work than any
    feminist has done in over 30 years, it’s instantly discredited because you
    know. He’s wearing a shirt. And it’s not that women aren’t welcome in
    science, it’s that as soon as you say “four more years of incredibly
    difficult college courses you can’t sleep through” the girls turn for the
    door to get their AA or masters in communications.?

  • Marius Rye  says:

    I don’t really care what shirt a ESA employee wears on the other side of
    the world. Shouldn’t we focus on how we landed on an asteroid??

  • ChristianIce  says:

    Feminazis trolling?
    Nothing new.
    On the other hand, they know “space” very well…they carry a piece of it
    between the ears.?

  • OhZone OhYeah  says:

    I don’t think you can seriously call radical feminists (and I’m not one of
    them) feminazis, until they actually get in power and put men into camps or
    actually kill anyone.?

  • no data  says:

    While in EU dignified, educated men and women together launch spaceships,
    in Socialist Amerika deranged feminazis (IQ<50) attack everything that
    Now everyone can clearly see who's aimed for the Future and who's - for
    stone age. Hail EU! Seid umschlungen, Millionen! Diesen Kuß der ganzen

  • Mohammed YASSINE  says:

    i don’t care about the shirt nor about Rosetta, i spent those 4 min staring
    at Elizabeth !?

  • En Arg Blatte Talar  says:

    “I don’t care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist
    and ostracizing. That’s one small step for man, three steps back for

    You’re fucking right it’s 3 steps back for humankind that these feminazis
    are even thinking this is something worth getting upset about. It’s a step
    back for humankind that these insane morons are even being given this big
    of a voice in the media when they in actuality make up, what, 5% of the
    population? Most people aren’t THAT fucking insane that they would consider
    his shirt to even be a problem. It’s not even sexist to begin with. I hate
    that word being thrown around for absolutely nothing.?

  • Trudy  says:

    I’m sure a tacky shirt is what keeps women out of science, not the
    fear-mongering about science being an unwelcoming space for women and the
    total disregard for the excellent work and scientific breakthrough to focus
    on a PIECE OF CLOTHING. As a scientist this makes me sad. I had many women
    colleagues and we competed and worked with men on equal footing…
    Sincerely, instead of focusing on clothes and writing negative articles we
    should be giving voice to women in science, look at things in a positive
    way and show people the good things women can do.
    That said, congratulations ESA 🙂 you’re awesome?

  • Helder Pinto  says:

    We human beings land a fucking machine on a comet and people still manage
    to make this absolutely marvelous feat into a sex war. Grow the fuck up,
    seriously, I’m getting tired of this topic being sneaked into everything.?

  • scaldwell1717  says:

    Well I’m sure he won’t regret that choice of shirt later.?

  • deathtokoalas  says:

    the guy’s at work. it’s not appropriate. and that’s not rocket science.?

  • bigstudwithaguitar  says:

    *God… they will just stop at nothing to repress men’s sexuality, won’t

    Nobody would care if a woman had a shirt with a bunch of sexy semi-clothed
    men on it. There just aren’t any women who WANT to do that. I think women
    just want men to stop caring about looks… well… good luck with that…

    It’s not like it’s an ingrained part of our nature that had an EXTREMELY
    important biological purpose for millions of years… oh wait… *It is
    EXACTLY like that!*

    *Guess what… women have their shit too. Materialism is in their blood.*

    There was a series of experiments with male animals of several species.
    They would take males and build them little doghouse-like shelters and
    cover the shelters with tarps. They introduced females into the habitat and
    observed the rituals.

    THEN they took the tarp on one of the less desirable males, and they blew
    up the tarp to make the house look bigger than it really was.

    All of the sudden, the male in that doghouse would be drowning in pussy.
    This is because the females saw that this male had more material worth than
    the other males.

    Women, until you take care of YOUR out-of-whack superficial priorities,
    fuck off and let men be men.?

  • Cilly Honey  says:

    Hey I’m a feminist and I have no problem at all with his shirt! I do have
    a problem with the hateful backlash against feminism that I see taking
    place. One article and a coupla tweets have spawned a deluge of anti
    feminism hatred. It’s more popular to complain about women complaint’s
    about misogyny. Point out something is slightly disrespectful to women and
    the anti feminists come unglued about so called feminazis.?

  • D0P3PRIEST  says:

    A scientific millstone has been achieved but that doesn’t matter to the
    feminist for all they care about is his fucking shirt. ?

  • Astro Bro  says:

    What does landing on the asteroid do for us? What information are we hoping
    to find? Please, enough about the feminazi shirt thing?

  • sam urai  says:

    truly an impressive feat. good job to the rosetta team!?

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