Breaking The Cycle With Nlp

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a hypnotherapy technique that has shown proven success in treating all sorts of habitual complaints. A habitual complaint is any form of behaviour that has been formed as a habit by the brain smoking, some forms of sleep disorder, fears, anxiety, stress and poor anger management, for example and which is seen as undesirable. The undesirability here can be identified either by a person performing the behaviours in question or by people around that person though in the latter case a subject may not respond particularly well to Neuro Linguistic Programming because he or she doesnt really want to change.

The act of desire is a strong factor in the success of NLP. If a person wants to change his or her habits, then he or she is halfway there already. The person who wishes to change his or her habits is very receptive to subconscious suggestion that will make that change happen: in effect, if you want to change, you probably will, whereas if you dont you probably wont.

Neuro Linguistic Programming works by training the subconscious into a new way of thinking – using a technique that is familiar to most successful people already. The idea is that repeated phrases and concepts can actually sink into a persons subconscious, if he or she is receptive to those ideas in the first place and, once there, can start to alter entrenched modes of behaviour in such a way that the desired result is achieved. So, if someone wishes to use NLP to stop smoking, their Neuro Linguistic Programming sessions are likely to consist of repeated statements and phrases like I do not smoke. If that person really is receptive to the idea, then his or her subconscious will pick it up to the point where he or she suddenly realises that he or she does not smoke.

Its the same kind of thing that professional athletes do daily: a kind of self affirmation that becomes a part of the psyche. A successful athlete will often talk about visualising his or her goals: NLP is basically the same thing, only vocalised. So if you wake every morning and say to yourself I am going to run the 100 metres in under 10 seconds today, your subconscious, if it is receptive to that idea in the first place, will construct your personality as someone who is routinely able to run 100m in less than 10 seconds. This works for pretty much anything that is within the physical powers of a person to do: stop smoking; getting better sleep; drinking less; managing stress and anger; even changing basic relationship behaviours.

NLP works in the vast majority of cases, particularly when it is used to change non-intrinsic behaviours. People who are congenitally violent may find some benefits in controlling their violence, using the Neuro Linguistic Programming technique, though they are unlikely to remove the core instinct for violence: but people who smoke are very likely to kill the habit completely using the same technique. Taking control of habits is easy with Neuro Linguistic Programming., owned by Max Kirsten, famous hypnotherapist provides one to one and group sessions on Weight Loss, De-Stress and Relax. NLP, is a hypnotherapy technique that has shown proven success in treating all sorts of habitual complaints.

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