Am 21. November seht ihr bei uns die Fortsetzung des HAI-SSESTEN Streifens aller Zeiten. Und Besser: Ab 20:15 Uhr kommen Sharknado 1 und 2 sogar im Doppelpac…
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First Announcement Death of Osama Bin Laden 10:40pm Fox News Geraldo Rivera Live Breaking News Dead

skip to 2:40 Recorded 10:40pm, May 1, 2011 All copyrights belong to Fox News. No copyright infringement intended.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 comments to BREAKING NEWS | SchleFaZ Spezial SHARKNADO 2

  • Michael Bartels  says:

    #sharknado2 wirft seine Schatten voraus. Wer freut sich noch auf dieses
    kulturelle Hochereignis am Freitag? ?

  • Harryboss  says:

    Das Laufband ist toll. Ich freue mich schon auf freitag.?

  • Castor Neunundneunzig  says:

    Wie kann sie dabei nur ernst bleiben? :D?

  • christune0  says:

    Der Postillon kassiert eine Verfügung wegen der Ähnlichkeit zu n24 aber
    dieses Video ist noch online weil vermutlich erlaubt? Man man man…?

  • JClayton 1994  says:

    Pretty bad actor this news reporter.?

  • Ahmed  says:

    Yeh, with no DNA evidence, nor acctual picture evidence.
    And they forget about tower 7 colapse all of a suden, along with bombs in
    the towers.. Pshh, &&
    Obama Bin Lyin’?

  • Guerin Weeks  says:

    I was sitting in my living room with my family in Spokane Washington
    flipping thru the channels when we saw this. I was 15. Me, my mom and my
    dad were about to take a trip to NYC for a greeting card store convention
    in 5 days. My mom wouldn’t get on a plane to new York. We didn’t go.?

  • Claude C  says:

    It bugs me to hear Bin Laden discribed as a “Mastermind”. I think, at
    least in part, calling him a “Mastermind’ makes us feel better about not
    forseeing this type of attack. ?

  • GusGus  says:

    I can’t help but think the idiot reporting this is the same guy who got his
    ass kicked by white supremacists on his show a few decades ago. Too bad
    someone more worthy like Brokaw or Cooper couldn’t break this news.?

  • Rick Felt  says:

    cant spell his name right?

  • Sarah Sorensen  says:

    3:55 Usama bin laden??

  • Justin Delp  says:

    WOW that was phony as hell him acting all excited and shit was so obviously
    false. Nobody gives a shit man we are in wars everywhere with so many
    fucking scandals and we were supposed to cheer for joy that he was killed.
    Thats assuming he was even killed then which I am skeptical of to say the

  • Gonzo Nyan  says:

    So many dumbass conspiracy nuts on the comments, goes to show that you
    can’t contain stupidity.?

  • kenyonr  says:

    fox gets it wrong again…lol?

  • KY1Dlover  says:

    he was killed a week ago…. epic fail 8:28?

  • tom johnson  says:

    Wrong as usual from fox news. No bomb.?

  • Bryan Allen  says:

    Has anyone stop & considered that there is still that missing plane out
    there, & May 1st is soon to be here, marking the so called death of that
    goat bearded silly bastard? Do the math on this one. Missing plane?
    Anniversary of his death? Missing plane? Anniversary of his death? Connect
    the dots people. I hope I’m wrong on this, but just don’t be surprised if
    another attack, maybe even bigger than 9/11 happens, & surprise, the
    missing plane is involved. Its a scary thought, yes. But a more scary
    thought is how a big massive plane is still missing & unaccounted for.
    Think about it.?

  • Scott Daniels  says:

    I wonder what of happen if he died on 911?

  • Jose M  says:

    UBL was not the mastermind, he was the financier. KSM was themastermind?

  • MrPropaMusic  says:

    theirs also books and documentaries about how 911 is not an inside job but
    theres obvious proof that there was it was on russian news and us news

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