BREAKING NEWS: MAJOR SOLAR FLARE – 10 September 2014 (BEST VIEWED, FULL SCREEN!) LINK TO MY TALK AT NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on 6 December: http://me…

23 comments to BREAKING NEWS: MAJOR SOLAR FLARE – 10 September 2014

  • delawarecop  says:

    Luckily it was aimed right at earth, because now the early snow might melt
    a but quicker and warm things up?

    Or perhaps they aren’t getting their fair share of the CO2 to help keep
    them warm? Maybe everybody should go to rapid city for the weekend and help
    to increase its CO2 concentrations and thus warm the air to melt the snow??

  • FixedByDoc OffGrid  says:

    come on now bring on an X20 lol lets see a big one hit earth head on…

    my ham radio friends are saying they are having trouble with their radios

  • DutchDude  says:

    Beautiful footage, again. At the last one the Sun seems to smile at us. ;)?

  • lighttree2012  says:

    Thank you Sun for answering my request. I told you Dr. Strong, me and the
    Sun go way back.?

  • Vladimir Nachev  says:

    As a quantum physician i would tell you that Earth’s electromagnetic field
    and its variations are directly depending 99% on the Sun’s activity. The
    more charged it is, the more the vulcanic/tectonic activity increases that
    goes directly from the Newton’s law about energy nothing more nothing less,
    an object in full vacuum, darkness and wave absence has no physical
    qualities I mean it no more exists ?

  • Thomas Walker  says:

    Hello, Dr. How are things at your LZ? Why say X1 is a major issue? Please
    define this.?

  • Harry Twinotter  says:

    “The best predictor of an X flare is that one has just happened!” :-)?

  • Bukola B  says:

    Hi, Ive been studying & learning about astrology since Jan and now recently
    trying to understand Solar Flares,, Im really intrigued… Question : How
    does this effect our daily lives ? B/c something really epic and intense
    happened to me specifically on Fri Sept 12 and now I’m very curious ?

  • Jer Lemieux  says:

    X flare tomorrow! The good doctor said it.?

  • sneakerset  says:

    Thanks,Dr. Strong. I’ll be watching for your update on 2158. I guess you’ve
    seen the national news out of Yosemite – the burn is making a run. Extreme
    fire danger for SoCal this upcoming weekend (offshore wind pattern and 100
    plus). Fingers crossed…?

  • houndjog  says:

    Yeah! An X-Flare! Thanks for the video Dr. Strong! Another one on the

  • Michael Marshal  says:

    Interesting that there was two earth facing flares this week , nicely done
    drk :)?

  • Elizabeth Francis  says:

    Yee haa! great presentation, thanks DrK, and the flares keep getting
    bigger, yess!?

  • angelofguidance  says:

    Might cause some trouble, thank you fro the great video :)?

  • Aiman Syahmi  says:

    i dont know how strong earth magnetic field is left and how long we can
    survive the super heat cuz of POLLUTION!?

  • sunwarz  says:

    What if the sats were damaged what if we dont find out anything??

  • Vladimir Nachev  says:

    the Sun is a magnet and the planets are paramagnetic/ferromagnetic and if
    the Sun isn’t “reaching” them so they dont have magnetic/gravitic qualities?

  • Stan Sunderland  says:

    Thanks Doc .Nice to see your site hits on this video are up to 3402.Well
    done and warmest regards Stan?

  • Christopher Simmonds  says:

    Thank you,praise Yah. One name,one will.…;)))…?

  • Steven Shi  says:


  • Mike Alcantar  says:

    Drkstrong: Major Solar Flare of Sept 10, 2014! Expect some radio
    interference between now and Sept 12, 2014!?

  • RIXRADvidz  says:

    ”It’s comin’ right at us!!” – Jimbo Jones, South Park. ?

  • Peta Flux  says:

    I am getting my PHD in heliophysics online over youtube – for free! :)?

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