BREAKING NEWS LIVE Manathe Mulla kavya madhavan


Changes to the entertainment at Epcot World Showcase in Disney World are coming! Say goodbye to Off Kilter and more! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE:…

22 comments to BREAKING NEWS LIVE Manathe Mulla kavya madhavan

  • muhammed shaffi  says:

    I like?

  • chemmi kadeeja  says:

    Super.. Super..?

  • thaufeekkalalayam  says:

    Yenik valare ishttamaye Soopper

  • CHARU SREE  says:

    Good one… 🙂

  • Achu  says:

    uva..ninaku ishtam avathe irikyo… bt i got to agree..i like the music.. 🙂

  • MITHUN GEORGE  says:

    good and simple orchestration I didnt like the female vox, is this the
    final version or is it a tv version Get this to Jolsna, majari, or sherya

  • EJAS KHAN  says:

    nice one

  • Anup Dev Kumar  says:

    News Value ad pole thanneyundu paattum..iniyum nannaakkaamayirunnu…Best
    of luck!

  • Michelle Potter  says:

    Exciting! love this series, you should put the logo on the thumbnail?

  • PaperbackStories  says:

    +mrcheezypop I love Maelstrom, it’s my favorite EPCOT ride. I’m going next
    week, I’ll get to ride it one more time.?

  • How Roode  says:

    Noooooo, I love Maelstrom! I mean, the animatronics were getting a little
    outdated, but it was still such a fun ride! Why not just update the
    existing ride with Frozen stuff the same way they did with Pirates of the
    Caribbean? Blah.

    And I love the fife and drum corps just because I’m a nerd for American
    Colonial history, but I realize that’s a dying interest, nowadays. Sad
    commentary, I think…..?

  • Crysta swanson  says:

    I’m just sad cause im hearing all the awesome things about Disneyworld and
    I’ve never been?

  • ronariverah  says:

    I have only been to Epcot three times maybe so I am not as attached to

    Would rather have more changes to the other half of the park though.?

  • Erin Foster  says:

    i’m so sad about off kilter. ]: (i’m also really sad about how disney told
    their entertainers about this change, too. but at the same time,
    considering having worked for them and knowing how they operate, i’m not
    terribly surprised, either)?

  • Alyssa S  says:

    I love this new breaking news style video, I always want to know what new
    things Disney is planning so this is a perfect way to find out! It’s sad
    that they’re taking some things away but I’m so excited to see what they’re
    going to add ^-^?

  • Ray Mond  says:

    Just wanted to share something random: the band that plays in the UK called
    the British Revolution are actually brothers and the funny thing is I
    purchased the house they grew up in. I got to personally meet them and they
    are a really awesome band. It was always awesome seeing them at Epcot, but
    sad their leaving. ?

  • Kate Joseph  says:

    Can’t say I’ll miss the days when I worked at the Boardwalk and all I could
    hear were those bagpipes sometimes hahaha?

  • girlwithasong1133  says:

    Noooo! I’m going to miss Off Kilter! They’re hilarious. I’d always welcome
    them back. I’m sad to see Maelstrom go, too. It’s a fun little ride.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Frozen twist. The Frozen meet and
    greet drew crazy wait times. ?

  • jcb3393  says:

    What the heck?!?! Off-Kilter is awesome, and why would you get rid of the
    fife and drum corps?
    What is Disney thinking? Come on…. so sad….?

  • Kimberley Chang  says:

    Loved the video & the idea for Disney news!
    But really Disney? Lumberjack-inspired show for Canada? We really don’t
    need that stereotype being pushed any more. It was bad enough seeing all
    the employees in the Canada house wearing plaid wool jackets! Yes, we have
    a couple pretty cool lumberjack shows here, but it’s a pretty
    unrepresentative representation.?

  • unomadds  says:

    I have no idea cos I’ve never been to EPCOT or Disneyworld (I reaaallly
    want to though). But it’s always sad to see traditional things go.
    Also yes, I like these little news things 🙂 ?

  • Harry Nelson  says:

    I love this new disney segment your the best ;)?

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