Breaking news- 8.9 Earthquake Tsunami hits Japan! Watch CNN live coverage 2011 03 11

March 11 — Huge (Powerful) quake in Japan sparks tsunami Large areas of Japan’s northern Pacific coast have been swamped by a devastating tsunami, engulfing…

24 comments to Breaking news- 8.9 Earthquake Tsunami hits Japan! Watch CNN live coverage 2011 03 11

  • Tippy Sadler  says:

    Still praying for them,&thier tremendous. Courage, i cant believe our
    worlds changing ,we could all be gone within,seconds?

  • AMBIGUOUS  says:

    No one could believe that the water just kept coming the way that it did.?

  • SaintyzProductions  says:

    @Muchi134 There are enough people hit the people give about the 100000 dead
    people to but they Want to concentrate on the Nuclear Reactor cause if that
    explodes and the radio activity comes free another 10000 people will die

  • Yourpointbeing16  says:

    xx r.i.p people and please dont give up because we brits need to learn a
    thing or two from you!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • SHOGUNSKA  says:

    @tubalooney he does exist bro, You just don’t have faith..Have a little
    faith bro, stop being angry towards the concept of God and accept what You
    already know..God is good because although this natural disaster is
    horrific he has sparred many people, settles their hearts and give the
    faith to know things WILL get better. Peace.

  • tubalooney  says:

    furthermore why should a belief in god make people do good? Don’t you think
    that we are actually sufficently evolved as a species that we can do good
    just for the sake of it regardless of it’s benefits to society and
    certainly not for the approval of a non existent figment of a deluded
    imagination? If god is so almighty why does he let so much suffering appear
    in the world? Because there is no god, natural disasters, the universe,
    evolution, big bang they don’t need a god. Neither should you

  • tubalooney  says:

    @SHOGUNSKA furthermore god is only real to you and those who are likewise
    deluded. You’re assertion that he exists is no more valid than my assertion
    that the flying spaghetti monster or father christmas exists. There is no
    proof for them nor is there any proof for your god. You believe in which
    god by the way? Jehovah, Thor, Wotan, Krishna, Boudha, Mithras, Osiris? If
    you are christian you have three god, jesus and the holy spirit. They can’t
    all be right? Curious no? Use your intellect.

  • RubysTUTORials2  says:

    I feel really bad for the people in Japan! 🙁 Just imagine what they have
    to live in!

  • Aliceace  says:

    @tubalooney lololololololololololololololol ha! u funny =] god is real u
    just got to pick up his book

  • Samuel Van Zeeland  says:

    then god said “let there be a earthquake and tsunami!!” and fed off his
    childrens tears for a good 2 months before creating another diaster to
    satisfy his infinite thirst!

  • jflores19935  says:

    @M1L3Y Rebuild redo and restart what happens when it happens again only God
    can save. So while your hands can build a house how will your hands bring
    back the died???? Only in eternal glory will we all live with no pain.

  • L3g3ndkill4  says:

    @xxdeejinxx Are you fucked up in the head?

  • sporeboy67  says:


  • Aliceace  says:

    @tubalooney baka -.- sooo u think nothing and nothing happened to nothing
    and then magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a
    bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason what so ever
    into self-replicating bits which then turned itself into dinosaurs? see it
    can play the shit too =) get it? godless muppet!
    god-i-read-christian-book-i-go-mass! ok!

  • eizi1218  says:

    ?????????????????????????????? ????????????

  • hobosocks  says:

    ajsdf9bvcbfa I don’t know there’s a god and neither do you. Likewise I
    don’t know there isn’t a god and neither do you. Atheists and theists are
    as bad as each other, neither can live and let live, and both are close
    minded as fuck to opposing ideas. I live in a world of fuckwits and retards
    : (.

  • kokoden6  says:

    realtime radiation level in website. (normal level is 40ngy / h) tokyo
    70-100 ngy/h (nSv / h) tochigi prefecture 100-600 ngy / h onagawa power
    plant (miyagi) 520-1800ngy /h example:Roma(Itary) 250(ngy / h)

  • SHOGUNSKA  says:

    @tubalooney Jesus Christ, You are wrong, Jesus is ONE, Father, Son, Holy
    Spirit are titles..Like You may be a father, a brother and a son..those are
    all titles of You the ONE person…See you should put down the ancient
    Greek Philosophy and Charles Darwin stories of fish crawling out the sea
    and see that where we live isn’t just a coincidence. Regardless of what You
    believe and the texts you choose to base your theories on God still loves
    you man and that makes me happy to know.

  • likegreenok  says:

    Please go and search “Japan Relief Fund” on Facebook and join the event. If
    you can donate anything, it will help. Send this event to friends and ask
    them to donate. there is up to 10,000 people still missing. – Thank you

  • tubalooney  says:

    @SHOGUNSKA I can’t believe in things that don’t exist. You should do the
    same. Praying for people is no use at all. Donating some money, time,
    expertise or energy to actual disaster relief is doing something for people
    in terrible circumstances. You say god brings out the best in people? How?
    There are numerous inatances when a belief in god brings out the worst in
    people. You still haven’t replied to my question about Noah’s flood. god
    caused that disaster himself. Worldwide genocide great

  • Samuel Van Zeeland  says:

    You have recently posted several comments. Enter the text in the image to
    continue posting.

  • PhysStud2006  says:

    @montsyblackmadonna I wonder what the penalty is for your stupidity?

  • tubalooney  says:

    @le399 you sad sad sad loser. You want the whole earth to be destroyed?
    Have you any idea what you are saying??????? How can it be possible that
    someone can be so ignorant You actively want the world to be destroyed????

  • 1234everbs  says:

    but the Japanese started it with the pearl harbour attack. just saying…

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