20 comments to BREAKING NEWS – 7.2 earthquake hits off coast of Japan. Tsunami Warning Issued.

  • xXJeeXTeeXAyeXmanXx  says:

    people shut up about 2012 and *ghost story sarcastical voice* the mysterious apocolypse` that wont come for… infinite time…

  • xXJeeXTeeXAyeXmanXx  says:

    @DanCyril21 i have a few things to critisize. 9/11 was terrorists and you havent counted all other disasters, weather they be natural or man, there is the Ross River virus outbreak, Aussie floods, NZ’s OTHER 7.5 mag quake, cyclone tracy, cyclone dianne, cyclone yasi (!) cyclone helena, chernobyl nuclear power plant, Y2K (probably not), WWII WWI just to name a few disasters! – this is extremely simmilar to Y2K.

  • xXJeeXTeeXAyeXmanXx  says:

    @DumPlum7 oh yea, i think you mean tard… or else ur callin him delicious

  • xXJeeXTeeXAyeXmanXx  says:

    @DumPlum7 mayan calender = 2012 = why should that be trusted? LOL 2012 is not real. a bunch of 1+1+1+1+2+2+2+2=12 dosent mean anything. the world might end because of freaking al quaeda and other terrorist groups in 2012 but not naturally. freakin terrorists.

  • Linker0x0  says:

    Just Watch this, and investigate more Of it, , before you Open your Mouth or answer back..
    W W W.youtube.com/watch?v=uP1c0PWaR4­Y?

    the Sickness of the Ignorant is the ignorance of his Own ignorance.. .
    la Enfermedad del Ignorante es la Ignorancia de su Propia Ignorancia. ..

  • SwrodMstrShadowShock  says:

    @Linker0x0 What I was saying is that it’s pretty pathetic that you think it’s possible for radio waves to control tectonic plates.

  • SteveFusionX  says:


    Don’t accuse me of having “limited education” when you can’t even spell “where” in the correct context!

    You assume I have not studied this subject but I HAVE and in quite some depth.
    Man-made global warming is a giant CON, instigated by globalists such as al-gore.
    The so-called “evidence” (invented by government-paid “scientists”) holds no substance.

    So, for now (as we still have free-will); i’ll continue to criticise any “official government” story I wish!
    Thank you!

  • JPPolachek  says:

    @SteveFusionX Climate Change is an example of the closest thing you can get to a consensus on the part of the scientific community. Perhaps you should study the subject for a few years before you make such statements. Thats how long it will take for you to review the volume of evidence. The few industrialists who bought some TV time where counting on hitting on the conspiracy theory nerve of those people who have limited education and who have to criticize anything “official” or “goverment”

  • le399  says:

    Warning is to help alert you and better society… not to hurt you, remember!! Jesus warns, the TDODC&D is near. So be prepared is the wise thing to do and for peace of mind alsol…The biggest one will come… (Ex. Before women give birth she feels pain) Which means these things… must come first, then… (Read le399 to understand more…) Le Nghia, “unworthy servant…” (Luke 17:10) Capuchin Franciscan

  • Linker0x0  says:


  • Linker0x0  says:

    @SwrodMstrShadowShock. im not saying that this was Couse by H.A.A.R.P.. becosue its to Early to say it, but Check this Video please, and after you have a saying. put this on the search bar on Youtube (its in English) ( HAARP amenaza contra JAPON ( Fulford ) video

  • SwrodMstrShadowShock  says:

    @Linker0x0 Your really believe that shit? Your either trolling, or very very stupid.

  • NassimHarameinVedas  says:

    @SniffinThaPoo – Jolly good . . .

  • chitchatnation  says:

    @yuMycleJcson This was from earlier in the week. The 8.9 was yesterday (as you already know).

  • garraz07  says:

    @garraz07 k te val madreee chingados ala vergaa pinches japoneses si son bn culeros ii aun kieren ser mas culeros…ahora k casualidad k todos ahora si le piden a dios jaaja ni madres gente ipocrita ni los pelan..si siempre van a ver terremotos en el mundo

  • deelberg  says:

    I need someone to get a message out to people working on those reactors. Do not pour hot water on something that hot. It will crack almost every single time. Hook yourselves some HUGH capacity cooling systems up around it. Commercial heating and cooling systems at REally close range of the reactors. Let them blow cool air directly on it.

  • yuMycleJcson  says:

    Its M8.9 earthquake…

  • DumPlum7  says:

    @DanCyril21 2012 isn’t going to happen u tart.

  • NoDumbBlonde04  says:

    @DanCyril21 I was thinking the same thing… All on the 11th. Also, Rememberance Day here in Canada is on the 11th…

  • llCalicoJackll  says:


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