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25 comments to Best News Bloopers May 2013

  • Batpug Wayne  says:

    Is it me or at 1:24 when the guy touches the one in the Orange he jumps in
    on purpose then acts like he pushed him? ?

  • Lord Saruman  says:

    Melinda from Detroit for next president! ?

  • Zeitgeist321  says:

    the fuck was that rasta banana ?

  • We Fall  says:

    I’ve seen WWE scenes that were more convincing than the boat guy video.?

  • Haffelpaff  says:

    WTF that guy in the orange shirt that fell into the whater…how unchilled
    can you be? It was an accident….and if you are working on a boat you
    should be kind of aware that you may fall into the water….?

  • Dark_Defender  says:

    Damn I’m glad I don’t live in the slum, classless, asshole of the United
    States known as Detroit. Or should I say DEE-troit.?

  • Adriel Klerson  says:

    Clark Kent is really from Vietnam…?

  • Michonne G  says:

    that lady should be mayor!!!!?

  • Animwuzhere  says:

    ” a pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms.Something is wrong.”?

  • SamusAranFan  says:

    That segment at the end made Mariah look like a complete airhead ?

  • GeorgeCox.  says:

    Felt so sorry for the guy with hiccups hahaha?

  • Blue Color Best  says:

    There is no funny on 0:22 why did they add it i m glad that have person to
    help others ! ?

  • jake Paxton  says:

    fuck you bug?

  • emilee494  says:

    Melinda Brown Duncan for president! ?

  • hobo0077  says:

    3:50 is that jack black?????

  • Melissa I.  says:

    1:20 kills me!! 😀 😀 :D?

  • grandpaJoeWCG  says:

    What was wrong with 1:00??

  • Mattteus  says:

    8:07, Bosnia Herzegovina??

  • Slush Fund  says:

    I don’t care much for watching sport but I’d watch the Gold Cunts eh…

  • david chatelain  says:


  • Skylar McClure  says:

    Negro legs in baseball?

  • Janet Edwards  says:
  • Valida Vilic  says:

    9:03 where is this video from, what is it about? the guy in the back is
    waving the flag of my country!?

  • DrTheKay  says:

    1:30 fake, americans are so stupid though that they think its real, even
    though americans cant act for shit?

  • The Ethereal Lord  says:

    5:11 Sandra Corcuera, you´re welcome.?

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