BBC World News – Live The Story – Promo

See the world’s greatest cities through the eyes of the BBC reporters who live there. With journalists in more countries than any other international news br…
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Los Angeles Earthquake 4.7 - California News Room Live On TV Shaken (WestWood)

Los Angeles Earthquake – California News Room Shaken cALIFORNIA eARTHQUAKE 4.7.
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10 comments to BBC World News – Live The Story – Promo

  • Robin Sam Jacob  says:

    Never mind… Found it
    It’s “things we lost in the fire instrumental”?

  • Robin Sam Jacob  says:

    What is the background music playing in this??

  • Carlos  says:

    I never experienced an earthquake, I wonder what it feels like.?

  • Jason Meyer  says:

    I live West Los Angeles and yes, we did feel it the same way.?

  • Gabriel Utube  says:

    lil hair all r l pulld sto thew priso guan bart?

  • Gabriel Utube  says:

    972918301 to when obid hu lets see calll it call itC Hill all in up not
    garbage the 2 1 seeim upmaybe hey eleven o at ohn check AjAp astonishing

  • Eric Mazariegos  says:

    WOWWWW! !!!?

  • Keith Rodriguez  says:

    wasn’t that a cogent in moment guy on the right?

  • Daniel Monge  says:

    I had been in 3 earthquake and what you had experience is nothing?

  • LAtheDJ  says:

    You’ve got a live shake going on in your newsroom, and you cut to an
    exciting shot of a seismograph. Director failure.?

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