BBC World News Interview with Kristiane Backer

Why is Muhammad (pbuh) film causing so much controversy? Mishal Hussein’s BBC world Impact Show with Kristiane Backer.

News Summary 1. The High Court has refused to hear an appeal by pro-democracy protesters in Mong Kok over an injunction to clear out their sit-in area on Nat…
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5 comments to BBC World News Interview with Kristiane Backer

  • Mohammed Patwari  says:

    Mashahalla very good comment by sitster Kristiane Backer.?

  • Ismayil Paruthikkode  says:

    Siama Chaudry does not history and is ignorant about Islam,Please try to
    study about Islam to avoid your misconception.

  • maniadoc1  says:

    Doesn’t ur mom told u to research things that u hear before u open ur snout
    on that.? Read before that verse, it was about a group that signed treaty
    with Muslims that they’ll not fight them in war. But they broke their pact
    & sided with pagans of makkah & faught against Muslims.

  • ALLi dRager  says:

    very good answer.individual or group act of moslem not always express what
    islam teaching

  • Muhammad Moneib  says:

    Some valid points in this interview, however, it is not correct to just say
    that these protesters are acting out of ignorance. Many old scholars of
    Islam condoned violence against those who insult the prophet. So while
    these opinions contradict with basic Islamic teachings IMO, they are well
    rooted in fundamentalist thoughts. Western viewers must know this in order
    to understand the struggle within Islam between progressives and
    fundamentalists. Burying our heads in the sand won’t work anymore.

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