BBC Learning English: Video Words in the News: Snail facial (24 July 2013)

Watch our weekly news video. This week’s video is: Snail facial. Want soft, smooth, young-looking skin? Try the latest beauty treatment from Japan: snails.

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4 comments to BBC Learning English: Video Words in the News: Snail facial (24 July 2013)

  • Van Tran  says:

    When a snail moving it leave a trace of its slime bihind.
    You can place nails on a piece of paper and collect the slime to carryout
    the magic.
    It is practical solution.
    Maybe you can produce a liquid solution to apply evenly all over your face.?

  • Cao Tung  says:

    It might not be what you imagine when you book a facial . But in this salon
    in Tokyo , snail slime is the latest trends . It’s claimed the treatment
    makes skin supple , and can help repair sunburn damage , though it’s not
    yet been clinically tested . Beauticians here think the treatment will
    eventually catch on , though at $100 a session , this might happen at a
    snail’s pace .?

  • sw33tbay  says:

    we have so many snails at my backyard. Can i get those snails and put it on
    my face?? Do i have to give them a bath before i put on my face or are they
    ready to go?? ?

  • Pathy Mazzini  says:

    yes, Mohamed, I agree with you and I hope to collect some and try it

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