Avoiding Breaking Your Iphone

It’s one of the most frustrating things that happen to us on a typical night out. You head out to the town hoping to have a few drinks and meat some friends, and in theory it shouldn’t be too expensive or too big an undertaking. However often when we wake up the next morning it can be much more of an expensive night than we could have predicted if we had a bit too much to drink. Taxi prices, club entry and drinks are not really the main financial threats when you go for a night out, rather they’re lost wallets and broken phones. A broken iPhone means lost photos, lost applications and the lack of a highly crucial communication, navigation and entertainment device.

So it’s important to avoid getting a broken iPhone in the first place, and there are a few pitfalls to avoid regarding this. First of all, the number one cause of a broken iPhone is a broken screen. This will mean you need to get iPhone glass repair and that is something that will take a while though it is relatively easily fixed. Unlike other phones you can’t go on without iPhone glass repair as it will not only mean you can’t see what you’re doing, but also that you can’t input into the phone or use the keyboard – one of the drawbacks when using a touch screen phone. The main way this happens is through the iPhone being dropped, and to stop this from happening as often you should use a case or holder for your phone to keep it safer. Not only will this protect the phone when it’s dropped but also prevent you from dropping it in the first place by making the phone less slippery down the edges and less narrow meaning you have more to hold on to.

The other way the screens get broken however is by things knocking into them – and particularly corners and edges. If you have an iPhone in your pocket then, you should start to make it a habit to keep the screen facing your leg which will prevent it from getting hit in the screen.

Scratching can also be a problem however, so that the screen is not completely broken or shattered, but is lightly scratched which can ruin sensitivity to touch in that small radius, and which can ruin the otherwise completely clean look of your phone. To avoid letting your iPhone get scratched you should purchase a screen protector – usually a thing transparent film that will stick to the front of your screen and take the brunt of any scratching.

Meanwhile try keeping your phone at home when you’re going on a drunken nights out – even more so if you are drinking. At the same time avoid taking it trekking, hiking or to anything that will involve your playing sports (that includes the gym despite the mp3 player). The obvious reason for this is that all these scenarios present cases where you are more likely to accidentally cause damage to your phone. By keeping it at home when you are more liable to lose or break it you can ensure that it’s safe and sound.

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