Assassin’s Creed III – Multiplayer – Presenting…..Wingspan to da TT!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

36 comments to Assassin’s Creed III – Multiplayer – Presenting…..Wingspan to da TT!

  • saberman13  says:

    Best combi ever, Esco and Wingspan!! Way? too sexy!

  • Gbiese  says:

    See the date? Yeah i’ve since stopped talking about it. The end.?

  • jayt1989  says:

    This video was going SOOO well until we? got onto the smoke bomb.. ITS GETTING OLD!!

  • kiloszaurusz  says:

    Can i have you a friend on xbox?

  • kym brewer  says:

    would you be my friend on? xbox

  • TheWLM13  says:

    I’m a big fan of both of you and AC? Multiplayer.I became even more interested after watching some of your earlier ACB vids and off from there.Great video and commentary both of you.Good work.Game on

  • 1MrAwesomePerson1  says:

    hey esco do u have a pc version??

  • cesar mendez  says:

    just in case you guys didn’t know: being in a hidden group with glimmer makes you? more invisible

  • Gbiese  says:

    Elgato Game? Capture HD

  • zacksporen  says:

    I love this. Like, too? much.

  • lukewoottonlw  says:

    Wat do? u record with esco

  • Gbiese  says:

    Nigerian actually.? And thanks, we both appreciate it 😀

  • flanneryshaneedward  says:

    Esco do u have jamacian heritage can hear it in your voice, u are the voice of reason for ac lovers and wing is the color commentator? extrodineer like no other, both of u do a great job and keep the greatness going:))

  • ToasterHuman  says:

    Aww, you should have let WiNG say “Cheers” at the end of the video!? It’s one of his catch phrases! 😛

  • Gbiese  says:

    He’s a? coll, funny dude for sure 🙂

  • Gbiese  says:

    Hehehe? 😀

  • Gbiese  says:

    Thanks man?

  • 1000lionell  says:

    Esco? and Wing together…Like a dream come true!!

  • ozziewannarock  says:

    ahhh Esco and Wing? in one video…awesome!

  • TheZorboidOrbb  says:

    teheh…? I would love to hang with Wing to take my stress out 😛 He seems fun.

  • yungclowns  says:

    Everyone check? out Wing’s channel he is a beast and has the best sense of humor.

  • redsquare92  says:

    Shouldn’t need to make any more of? those help me vids now Wing, good job!
    And nice too, esco, thanks so much for bringing in Wing.

  • RaininStormwake  says:

    Great dual comm? guys. 🙂

  • Pancake833  says:

    wingspan is one funny commentator?

  • billaynik  says:

    wingspatt? <3

  • YutubeSEO  says:

    Great? advice

  • YutubeSEO  says:

    Great? advice

  • Shadowkeeper01998  says:

    Claptrap is? the new MewTwo

  • JellerDude02  says:

    Lol! Looks? like things will only be better now!

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    No worries mate, but when you get and and it wont be spoiled any more you know which video? to watch 😉

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    Thank you 🙂 Yeah? she looks forward to meeting her.

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    😀 ?

  • UnlawfulExile  says:

    Lol she twisted my? arm 😉

  • spoofsrocks13  says:

    Sorry guys gonna have to skip this gonna wait till I can buy and? play BL2 myself

  • eyeranik  says:

    if? Mrs exile loves claptrap wait till she meets tiny tina lol 😀 looks like the start of a good series

  • JirachiStudios  says:

    🙂 That? is all

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