Apple iPad 3 : Latest News And Rumours

Apple iPad 3 : Latest News And Rumours

Respected Apple watcher  strongly hinted that the will be in September.

“If my theory is right, they’re not only going to be months behind the iPad 2, but if they slip until late summer, they might bump up against the release of the iPad 3.”

With Apple apparently unable to meet demand for iPad 2, we’d expect a staggered release date for the iPad 3 too: if the US gets the iPad 3 in September, we’d expect the UK iPad 3 release date to be in October, or possibly even November.


It’s possible that the iPad 3 will have a brand spanking new processor, Apple’s A6, but if the rumoured release date is correct then time is tight…


Apple’s very interested in Near Field Communications, and one rumour suggests that the will use NFC to take over nearby Macs, enabling you to use your data and settings with a flick of the wrist. Since the iPad 3 will follow the iPhone 5, if NFC’s in one it’ll probably be in the other too.

The iPad 2 has the familiar 16/32/64GB storage options, but as flash storage comes down in price a 128GB option for the iPad 3 isn’t impossible!

Two generations of USB-free iPads suggest that Apple just isn’t interested in adding one, but the new Thunderbolt port found in the 2011 MacBook Pro could be another story: it’s a combined accessory/display connector with astonishingly fast performance.

The rear-facing camera on the iPad 2 isn’t brilliant:

an iPhone 4 camera and flash would do nicely, or even better the new rumoured .

The  didn’t herald a price hike, but if the iPad 3?s coming in September we don’t think a massive iPad 2 price cut is very likely – which suggests that if the iPad 3 does appear then, it might be more of an iPad Pro – with a price to match.





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