Adhd Information for Parents – Latest News and Experiments

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Adhd Information for Parents – Latest News and Experiments

In the great dash to understand more about ADHD disorder, a number of interesting facts have emerged which should help us to understand our approach to ADHD treatment. It should also aid us in treating ADHD information with the suspicion/respect it deserves.

Trancendental meditation (TM) has hit the ADHD headlines. Researchers at the George Washington University studied a group of middle school students who were taught how to do TM for just ten minutes twice a day. All the children had greater or lesser ADHD problems and after the experiment was over, there was a 50% reduction in ADHD symptoms and the children were able to concentrate better, had fewer behavioural problems and were much less hyperactive.. More experiments will need to be done before we send our kids to TM lessons but it is a promising development in that it could reduce the number of ADHD children on psychotics/psychostimulants.

The number of college students using ADHD drugs to power their memories and concentration has never been higher (5%) according to a study which involved three major US universities. These were Duke, Michigan and North Carolina. Of the 3,000 students interviewed, the majority were pleased with the results and not at all worried about drug dependency, insomnia or eating disorders. Yet these are the same side effects that ADHD children have to cope with when prescribed these drugs. The three most popular drugs used by the college students were Ritalin , Concerta and Adderall. The prospect of our youth being permanently on mind altering psychostimulants for all their life is alarming to say the least!


In the UK, the debate on obesity and hyperactivity in children has been taken up by the very popular TV chef/guru Jamie Oliver. He likes the idea of Scottish schools providing free balanced meals for kids in the first three years of primary school but is most concerned that the taxes paid by working mothers is not being invested in giving cookery lessons to kids which would instil in them an awareness of food from an early age. He wants a £6 billion investment in school meals and cookery lessons. The British Heart Foundation is concerned about the false claims used by food manufacturers in advertising kids’ foods – they never mention facts such as high sugar, salt and fat content, not to mention dangerous food colourings – the latter have been linked to ADHD symptoms.

In the USA, the National Institutes of Health and Yale University have collated all the studies done on media exposure and their effects on kids’ health. The studies/research covered such areas as, TV, video, PC, the Web. It is bad news and the children who are overexposed to some or all these media are likely to end up with some of the following problems:- obesity, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, smoking, premature sexual activity , hyperactivity and ADHD.

Is it possible that there is a reliable website where you can find some information on ADHD alternative therapy and ADHD natural remedies ? More and more concerned parents are becoming more wary of conventional ADHD medication and the pill-popping culture which as we have seen above can lead to problems continuing into adolescence and beyond. Time to wise up and the link below will get you started on the right track.

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD.

Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

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