2014 September Breaking News Worldwide Conflict Chaos leading to world war 3 one world Government

2014 September Breaking News Worldwide Conflict Chaos leading to world war 3 one world Government NWO new world order July 2014 Breaking News Chem Trails HAA…
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21 comments to 2014 September Breaking News Worldwide Conflict Chaos leading to world war 3 one world Government

  • U2Bbornagain  says:

    Below the Video and above comments click on show more relevant data to this

  • Robert Lauber  says:

    the fake and terrori-state so called Israel will and must pay for their war
    and NO US will be able to hold Justice back?

  • Wendy Banks  says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:?

  • Deja Vu  says:

    @23:48 doesn’t that kind of look like Christopher Downer sitting down??

  • Codiene Fiend  says:

    Been an atheist my whole life. Researching NWO, Satanic agenda, the Fed,
    Elite bloodlines, UFO conspiracies, black flag tactics, my friend educating
    me on Revelations, and most of all extremely fucking horrible, vivid dreams
    I’ve had(before I even got deep into this subject)has pushed me towards
    believing in a higher being. A Creator, if you will. I think the agenda
    will be fulfilled…shitty, huh? But whether atheist or a converted
    religious man, I will not accept the Order, the Chip, & most of all an
    allegiance to Satan or any ‘god’ against my will. Spread the word like I do
    & stay informed. Whether I accept a religion or not, we have a common
    enemy, so keep an open, unbiased mind, & consider an ideal I embrace. AAC.
    Atheists Alligned with Christians. The human race cannot embrace the
    tactics of separation, created by the Draconian-Elite, of hate, prejudice,
    dismissal, greed, divide & conquer, & deceit. Open your hearts. Embrace
    love & maybe good will prevail. Peace be w/ Earth & the true, beautiful
    citizens of this world. UNITY!?

  • Paula Florentine  says:

    The prophetic time clock is ticking…..Faster and faster….Are you born
    again?…Please people…Come to Jesus Christ now!…Today is the Day of
    Salvation!….Come to Jesus now!…..Amen…?

  • MVPappas1  says:

    How about … Find Jesus, Know Jesus, Seek Jesus, Anything !! But Got
    Jesus. First thing that came to my thoughts were those commercials got milk
    !. Anyway good video. God Bless and keep you?

  • oneKawlGirl  says:

    Omg this is fake someone stopped world war three happening does any one
    remember that on the fuck shitass news?

  • Umar Mohammed  says:


  • Chhoeung Sothea Sot  says:

    How long? me? you? they? them?
    or all of us on this prison planete
    are planning to live??

  • Marty Lewis  says:


  • Gert Heever  says:

    Yeshua Ha-Mashiach is coming for a pure bride that are waiting for so long.
    Come Jesus come quickly.?

  • Maria Patricio  says:

    Climate change!!! Its funny..! This his weather weapons….! USA is so good
    very good!?

  • Ian Grant  says:

    news flash for anyone not in the know: Assad never used chemical weapons
    against anyone, and following this malicious lie that was invented by
    Washington, the truth was eventually confirmed by a U.N. investigation.
    don’t believe the hype, and moreover don’t believe anything until it’s been
    officially denied! ?

  • reeceeooo  says:

    I get so tired of these silly people trying to show their production

  • Timmothy Bruns  says:

    Wars have been going on for as long as I’ve been alive. The difference in
    the wars is the level of technology. If the focus is toward an end,
    people create an end. If the focus is on a beginning, people create a
    beginning. If the focus is on solution, people create a solution. What are
    you creating and how is it shaping global events? The double-edge sword: If
    we believe, we make it so. Change the premise and you change the game.?

  • Jeff Lee  says:

    lastnight I have a dream..I saw Putin suck my dick….and he like
    it…fukin dumb ass world war 3 45678…bullshiiit ?

  • John Daniel Evans  says:

    God is blessing us more and faster than ever before! I know my brothers and
    sisters know this also! He is answering us almost instantly and poring out
    his holy spirit, as the evil is growing stronger! Jude: 21-23 Keep
    yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our lord Jesus
    Christ unto eternal life. And some have compassion, making a difference:
    And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the
    garment spotted by the flesh! thank you U2Bbornagain and U2Bheavenbound
    God bless you!?

  • Adriaan Janse  says:

    One day people will realize that religion is what is keeping people apart
    and preventing us from working together and living once again harmoniously
    with our planet. Religion like everything else that is causing destruction
    on our planet and to our species is created by man. I am not saying that
    there is not a god however I am saying that if god created all of mankind
    than he certianly doesnt want us killing ourselves and the planet in his
    name. No one religion is right they all have it wrong cause they are all
    created by man. God is not going to fix our planet we have to, we have to
    fix the way we treat eachother and the way we live together, church isn;t
    going to do that neither is god only we as a people can. The Catholic
    Church is just as guilty as everyone else for it’s crimes against man and
    earth and are not going to escape the fate of the planet. Time to wake up,
    stop waiting for god or jesus or who ever you believe in to fix things and
    stand with your neighbours together, unite and stand strong. Do not judge
    someone for their beliefs or their lifestyle we are all different and that
    is our greatest strenght as a species. Realize that these religions are
    made to keep us divided, to make it easier to controll us and play us
    against each other. It is important to have faith and believe in something
    it helps to ground us, but it is more important to stand together for the
    first time as a species, united against the tyrany and the oppression that
    people all over the planet are facing. Together we can build a better
    world, or divided we can watch it burn and us along with it.?

  • Grant M├╝nchenberg  says:

    Look folks, we are living in PERILOUS times. At no other time in the
    history of mankind has he come so close to total annihilation! Something
    HAS to happen to stop this insanity before man destroys himself and this
    planet. If another war is the way to peace let it be so, but there will,
    whatever happens, be NO lasting peace. What is happening in Israel and Gaza
    is the key to future world events. The fighting there is building up to a
    much larger conflict and along with flight MH17, 370 and the war in eastern
    Ukraine, will ultimately grow into a larger and more widespread
    conflagration. Rev. 22:20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I
    come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.?

  • rent a gob  says:

    touch has much as we do …kerry ya scum c..t?

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