2014 August Breaking News President Obama authorizes orders airstrikes in Iraq

2014 August Breaking News President Obama authorizes orders airstrikes in Iraq says America is coming to help President Obama announced Thursday night in a t…
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22 comments to 2014 August Breaking News President Obama authorizes orders airstrikes in Iraq

  • u2bheavenbound  says:

    #USAIraqAirstrikesISIL ?

  • Lee Andreas  says:

    How did curious George become president? ?if I remember properly before
    they brought Obama in there was like a nine percent approval rating for
    both political sides… People started talking about a revolution… Funny
    how the first dark skinned president happened to be ushered in… Shifted
    the focus from the bottom approval rating to the fact that he’s the first
    black president.. Some black Churches labeled him the Messiah.. Kinda had
    that Kennedy feel to obamas arrival to presidential power. Gonna save the
    nation…. People had a lot more faith in the government’s back then.. Live
    the American dream.. God bless America the feeling was prevalent across the
    country… The difference between Kennedy and Obama though, Obama’s Tearing
    the heart out of the country and is being an obedient puppet to the ones
    that placed him in power, Kennedy had a change of heart and decided to
    fight for the people.. The huge cutback of taxes… Ect… And we all know
    what happened to Kennedy ?

  • Ali Madad  says:

    I S I S is made by C I A hence false flag.?


    he is just going after the US howitzers 52 self propelled 155 mm. That isis
    somehow accuired. before the real media or Putin start pointing fingers.
    Obama only cares about obama.Just don’t think hes helping the christians,
    hes just covering his “bases”?

  • EJ Love  says:

    all the stars are upside down thus making the baphomet head of the
    pentagram…. Its that obvious anymore.?

  • bluelightofyeshua73  says:

    Thanx for posting and keeping us updated?

  • Kurt Juergens  says:

    Look!You cannot believe anything that this devil says period!?

  • dolores brittain  says:

    all hail king Obama the Savior who send 2 two … two lousy rockets……
    funny they can figure out how to feed 40k people ontop of a mountain but
    can only send 2 bombs to fight a terrorist organization that has been
    beheading, torturing, raping, shooting, torturing people to death for over
    a month… 2 bombs… wow what a commander and chief.. PUTRID!?

  • Rob Anderson  says:

    blah blah blah…?

  • AubernsRevolution  says:

    Controlled conflicts bring about controlled change. NWO motto. Much
    deception and lies. He is not on the side of Christians. Never will be.?

  • Daniel Luna  says:

    This president is a slick talker ! I don’t know of any American that would
    not go over and have a ground war against a group like Isis that is killing
    innocent children men in women…. the war against the Saddam was way
    different than this situation… this genocide needs to stop not matter
    what it takes ….?

  • Scriptorium Guard  says:

    Look how the beast system works, in the elimination of “minority religion
    sects” there are told either to “convert” or face death …

    in the future when the beast system has had its full force it will be the
    same, face death or “convert” to the will of the beast system… they say
    history repeats itself, well this is another start.?

  • Lee Andreas  says:

    Breaking news this just in !!! It is official, investigators have proven
    Obama’s birth certificate and credentials have been forged.Congress is in
    the midst of impeaching Obama as we speak… .with that being said there’s
    unexplicable video evidence that Obama is also a white male with a spray on
    tan and is actually of Russian descent … Thanks for watching folks I’m
    Lee andreas goodnight ?

  • edward leonard  says:

    Obama is not a Hero but the Bloody ISIS Terrorist Scums worst Nightmare!
    Go Yanks?

  • Joanne Mann  says:

    You had to expect this WHen you left all that equipment behind!

  • David Middleton  says:

    Muppet what a hero, oil, oil, oil, money, money, money, evil, evil, evil,
    Isis has been killing people for months you dumb blind alien. You start the
    wars, fund the wars, and profit from the wars. God sees all truth!!!! your
    a lair from the core your words are just words, you actions do not reflect
    a person that is true, you use gods name in vain….shame on you.?

  • Nick Robinson  says:

    First Positive thing I’ve seen him do, usually Helping the enemies
    everywhere! Pray for Obama! And Everyone Everywhere! Time is truly short!
    Peace and Love! Brother Nick?

  • LoveRevelationTV  says:

    What the heck is he joking???? He cares about the American people lol
    lololol ok Obummer?

  • ka1o215  says:

    He didn’t bomb nothing , that fool always a liar ..!?

  • EMET YAHU  says:

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a golf game to get back to…?

  • Makhete Fall  says:

    We got our own ISIS here. We mean Identify and Strike in Style. real ISIS.
    No boots on ground. Call a 12years old and show him the target, just like a
    video game. these wannabe jihadists should be obliterated smartly. Good
    Mister Obama. if you arm any group they will turn and shot you back.?

  • Sillanitu Yatube  says:

    Oooh good Lord, when will UsA government stop lying to its people and the
    world. Who created terrorist and fund them? USA
    Hillary Clinton admitted that they created Al qida or whatever them call
    them terrorist group that they created. Usa government is the biggest enemy
    of humanity but I can not believe the world dont see them. I cant believe
    this. They disgusting and everything coming out of their mouth disgusting?

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