1999 BREAKING NEWS: Columbine 3of5

Breaking news clips from: Philadelphia’s KYW, WCAU & WPVI, Denver’s KCNC, KUSA & KMGH.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 comments to 1999 BREAKING NEWS: Columbine 3of5

  • Joel H  says:

    0:27 just above the “10 News” logo is Dylan Klebolds BMW (the black
    car) …?

  • Jeffrey Clemmons  says:

    It’s kind of funny because a lot of the panic was still going on way after
    Eric and Dylan had killed themselves the library, I think people were just
    so riled up they were like confused ants trying to make their way to an
    exit in the school but were just disoriented because it was all so jarring.
    Then there is the fact that no one knew what was really going on inside,
    even those trapped (the 60 kids in the choir room were just barricaded
    there and Eric and Dylan didn’t even go near there, I don’t believe), the
    huge facility kind of just worked against them because it was like being in
    Westeros: everything is happening all the time but it takes a while to get
    a message from King’s Landing to the Wall. People ought to be glad, though,
    that Eric and Dylan just decided to be the only shooters instead of
    assembling a team or the fact that no one wanted to team up with them just
    to save their own ass, or something worse (like a joint shooting with
    another school as they’d feared). ?

  • Lynn Ann  says:

    Handsome Eric is a legend.?

  • BTBAMNYI  says:

    The comments on all these videos are almost as horrific as the actual

  • KayBeeEee1983  says:

    I’m waiting for the conspiracy nuts to jump on the guy mistakenly saying
    “Littleton, Ohio” instead of “Littleton, Colorado”.?

  • Uputz  says:

    Its always interesting listening to these breaking news reports after its
    all over, and seeing how the new stations always goes to the extreme.?

  • Jeremy Morris  says:

    @Josie O’Brien what does him being black have to do with anything? :/?

  • bubblinbrownsugar616  says:

    WTF?! Are you saying Sandy Hook was an inside job?!? The victims, the
    emotion of scared little children wasn’t genuine enough?!?! Why even bring
    up inside jobs for either Columbine or Sandy Hook?!?!?

  • Cheeky Beef  says:

    i tell you what would be fucking good, if this shit didnt happen, i just
    wish that somone went undercover with the shooters somehow and said they
    would help but instead just kill them there and then!

  • kay taylor  says:

    at 206 what was those guys doing at the window? talking away at eitch
    other? hmm seems like a act too me they were not scared at all.

  • Camel76  says:

    They were targeting Christians as well, mostly.

  • CosmicDestroyer99  says:

    @WillStevenson Ur full of shit..Reporters just report the latest bullshit
    fed to the public..It’s propaganda for fear all it is is murder this murder
    that sex scandal oh and the weather

  • KickedMangoStudios  says:

    7:50 “Parents go to Columbine library”? It’s 3:09pm; the SWAT team are
    still doing a room-by-room search & won’t reach the library for a while,
    fearing booby trapped bodies/backpacks etc. There’s no way they’d let
    parents in, even if the coast was clear, to see 12 dead students in the
    library before the Coroner gets a chance. The authorities notified everyone
    that the survivors would be taken to Leawood anyway, there’d be no reason
    to go to the CHS library

  • 2poynt247  says:

    what time?

  • lankeled38  says:

    This was so obviously not an inside job, look at the evidence the EMS, the
    victims, the genuine emotion……….so much different then Sandy Hook

  • harrisplayer  says:

    At 1:52 Mountain time they had been dead for half and hour…….

  • smartuser69  says:

    This is one of the few videos that have 0 dislikes.

  • IntenseOfficial  says:

    man that’s so sad 🙁 in the other part of this, that one part where they’re
    dragging rachel scott’s body around like a rag doll…that’s heavy stuff to

  • CosmicDestroyer99  says:

    @MrXmyselfx Woops..I don’t remember those guys much cause of low body
    counts and the news really only cares about that look at VA Tech

  • IntenseOfficial  says:

    it’s in the fourth part of this, the next video. at 2:04-2:24 you see the
    officers dragging rachel, leave her on the ground and cover her face. i
    read the police enforced that she and daniel were left outside all night so
    it wouldn’t tamper with evidence, and it even snowed on the bodies. so

  • IntenseOfficial  says:

    that’s so sad : what time did you see it at?

  • Cormaria Jeff  says:

    Omg I came home from 30 days from the hospital and was seeing my family I
    thought I was happy but when this happened oh man?

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