1993 World Trade Center Bombing – Live News Coverage – Part 1

As it happened. Uncut, uncensored and uncooked video from WCBS-TV live news coverage in New York City of the of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. In this …

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15 comments to 1993 World Trade Center Bombing – Live News Coverage – Part 1

  • Max Willson  says:

    Looks like Bill Clinton was too stupid to kill thousands of Americans. Give
    me a God Dam break! Extreme Muslims flew planes into the world trade center
    buildings! ?

  • comicbookfan21  says:

    i was only 3 but i vaguely remember this.
    i was at home playing with a new tmnt action figure my mom had just got me
    i had no ideal how serious this was at the time but i remember how everyone
    was just watching this.?

  • Tarq  says:

    6:13 whoops slip and fall?

  • Liam McNeish  says:

    Its odd, I wonder if these girls are dead. If they were still working on

  • Joseph Davis  says:

    I was on a class trip to rink in Central Park. Had no idea anything
    happened. On the bus back, it broke down on Canal Street. Saw a fleet of
    police and fire trucks go by. Didn’t find out to much later when we finally
    got moving and saw the towers.I still remember the huge smoke cloud above
    them around 4 pm that day.?

  • Nat Mey  says:

    Wow! Brian Williams!?

  • Sharon Newman  says:

    The weather looks shit?

  • Micah Elstak  says:

    its a shame that the cia and industrial military complex dose these things
    to keep america at war and funding for military president eisenhower warned
    about the disastrous rise of the military industrial complex in his famous
    farewell speech its funny you know if you dig deep enough with these
    terrorist laws it never ends and dose nothing but strip you of your rights
    a country that was so great a real potential to be the foundation of earth
    freedom and politics this is what happens when good men and woman sit back
    and do nothing tom hanks and all actors that are in movies relating to 911
    i am disgusted in how could anyone be so blind with all the evidence that
    your GOVERMENT dosent care about you i am australian and a catholic so i
    have no sides here if you get a chance watch eisenhowers farewell speech?

  • misled1982  says:

    I wonder how many people who survived that attack died on 9/11….?

  • tkdpower  says:

    21 years ago today. We will never forgot on that fateful Friday morning on
    2/26/93. RIP to the 6 lives that were lost on that day. Also today is the
    2nd Anniversary of the tragic death of Trayvon Martin 2 years ago on that
    fateful Sunday evening on 2/26/12 (occurred on the 19th Anniversary of the
    1993 WTC Bombing). 2 days later on Sunday morning on 2/28/93 ATF agents
    went on a search warrant and raid at Mount Carmel Center church led by
    Pastor David Koresh and his Branch Davidians Christian Sect in Waco, TX in
    regards of unregistered firearms which led to a standoff from 2/28/93
    (Sunday) to 4/19/93 (Monday) as what the scene known as Waco Siege.?

  • Pokeguy493  says:

    This is the reverse of what happened on September 11 and eerily very
    similar too (some people waiting for the fire department, the smoke, and
    people jammed in the stairwells trying to get out). Smoke coming out of the
    top of the buildings instead of the bottom on 911. Ironic in 1993 that the
    closer to the ground you were, the thicker the smoke became. The smoke
    reportedly went up to the 93rd floor of both buildings on 2/26/93 and
    people were to able evacuate via helicopter. Thank you for preserving this
    news coverage! It’s important to remember these things.?

  • Cofins4Terorists  says:

    I see this is part 1 How do I see part 2?
    Thank you for this video and the reminder to us all about this attack. Too
    bad we didn’t learn from it or perhaps so many souls, my friends included,
    wouldn’t have been lost on 9-11-01. God bless you.?

  • altfactor  says:

    Supposedly, Brian Williams’ reporting from the World Trade Center that day
    caught the attention of NBC and he joined the network soon after.

    WCBS’ Jim Jensen and WABC’s Bill Beutel were among New York’s all-time
    great local news anchors.?

  • Andrew Pollard  says:

    I was not born yet, but this still fascinates me today.?

  • Bongumenzi Ntuli  says:

    lol lol ay some ppl can notice?

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