???Jerry Yan – 2011/9/24 Apple Daily News

9/24???… only 1:58… I don’t know why Change to double…=_=
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What do you get when you mix a guy with gender issues with a guy with daddy issues? You get Le Chevalier DEon and Fallout 3, here on Manga Minutes! Manga Entertainment, a StarzĀ® Company, is the premiere entertainment source for anime enthusiasts worldwide. We specialize in the production and distribution of state-of-the-art animation for theatrical, television, Internet, DVD and home video release. For video channels, contests, up-to-date release information, trailers, and breaking anime news, visit www.manga.com today AMV Anime Games Gaming Dead Space Ghost Japan Manga News Ani-Monday Fallout 2 Le Chevalier De Leon
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10 comments to ???Jerry Yan – 2011/9/24 Apple Daily News

  • firemage96  says:

    thank to you guys I subscribed and the next few minutes I unsubscribed

  • Halokid189  says:

    bethesda, the s is like a z not and s

  • TheMMelodyFandubs  says:

    @ertysff Manga minutes sucks. Their reviews are biased and they no NOTHING about Anime and Manga

  • ertysff  says:

    damn i love manga minutes

  • GreenGold33  says:

    You’re right. Still, by ditching the video game reviews they could give longer anime reviews without making each segment longer than normal.

  • baillingskater  says:

    animation takes a long time, not to mention dubbing, recorded video, writing the reviews, etc. this 2 minute clip probably took a week to put together.

  • GreenGold33  says:

    Instead of giving us video game reviews (I gamespot and ign for that stuff) that should just give longer and more detailed reviews of their animes.

  • morningmimi  says:

    i like how honest this is.

  • mewmiki  says:

    1. i gotta check out that anime looks ..awesome O:
    2. i have recently rented fallout 3 ..it’s good but it gets kinda tiring walking around a big city for like 80 minutes…but other then that it’s good…though i don’t think i well finish it before i got to take it back to the store.

  • ShidoshiKiirya  says:

    hey everyone, if youre enjoying good comedy check out my channel, just added a bunch of new videos, if you dont get it then dont cry lol

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