Vocalogy Pop Music Trailer

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Plot11 (http://www.plot11.com) : Film entertainment for MEN! This movie was filmed in 1986 when Iggy was enjoying a successful period with the release of the Blah Blah Blah album and the…

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  • Ploteleven  says:

    Thanks for the hint. Have a nice day!?

  • roxychickblue  says:

    Why does the video’s? title say “live music concert”? It’s not footage from a “live music concert” (besides, by definition don’t all concerts involve music & aren’t concerts live anyway?), it’s quite obviously a documentary…
    Well, never mind, thanks for posting it anyway…

  • ookkonaaoulusta  says:


  • ookkonaaoulusta  says:

    Iggy? Pop.

  • mauerbluemchen0  says:

    Oh God…every time the interviewer opens his mouth I? piss myself…he sounds like a Muppet!

  • freddycannonII  says:

    why do you have ads on this, it’s? clearly not your content. how sleezy.

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