The craze of Arabic TV channels among the youths of Gulf countries

The craze of Arabic TV channels have been captured the heart and mind of every man, woman and children in Gulf countries. They have been become fan of some popular channels including Addounia TV, Al Ahd, Al Hayat, Al Jazeera Baraem, Al Jazeera sport1, Al Maaref, Al Manara, Al Nahar Drama, Saudi Channel 1 etc. BBC Arabic TV channel is also the most visit channel of the Arab countries.

All the channels broadcast the different types of programs in Arabian language. These channels are not only the favorite channels of only Arabian youth but also it likeness by youths of every corner in the world. The people of these countries are always visiting it for getting national and international news in their own language. The programs which broadcasted by these channels are also in local language. Today it has been become first choice of youths in these countries.

Every channels broadcast different programs same time but in same language. Most of Arabic TV channels charge affordable price on monthly basis but some of them charge very high because they transmits some special programs.

Do you know why it has been become crazy to Arabian youths? The reason behind it is clear and transparent; they have loved to their mother tongue and want to convey their language worldwide. All the children, adults and senior citizens of the gulf countries are looking forward to all the channels which are transmitting the news and the various types of programs (based on their tradition and fashion).

Most of the TV programs which broadcast in gulf countries are based on the ancient story and drama of their culture and tradition. The ancient Arabian people were known for their fantastic behavior and qualities, which were popularly known for their special mark and traditions. All the TV programs transmitted unique tele films, short TV programs, special TV shows etc.

he local and international news broadcasts by these channels according to audience demands and all the serials and TV shows able to generate more entertainment and magical programs that fulfill the requirement of every civilian. The people from Arabian countries are fashionable in visiting modern programs also but it depends on their category, such as adults often see the modern fashion shows, the children are fans of drama and story that keep him happy. The senior citizens are the fans of ancient story of Arabian like Arabian Knight Etc.



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Yanni ? Arabic Music

Yanni ? Arabic Music
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