The African American Samurai

The African American Samurai (AAS) is a true hero. They are the warriors of warriors. These warriors have seen many things in their time. They have serviced their country. They have been honored members of the world, husbands to their wives and great fathers to their children. They are part of their nation’s great history. They also have a great part in its present and its countless futures. All in all they have been and will continue to be great men.

The black man is a man just like other man. The difference is he lives his life not only as a black man, but also as a samurai and warrior of the world in mind, spirit and body. He is a man who has taken the spirit of the traditional Samurai of Japan and made that mind set his own. He is a student, a teacher and a great leader. He trains in the martial arts and lives a life of honor and respect. He loves overall traditions but he is not a slave to them. He also respects people and treats them the way that he wishes to be treated. He is fair and consistent whenever possible.

Some of these AAS are members of military services like the U.S. Marine Corps. Some are members of various law enforcement agencies. The spirit of the Africa American Samurai is the way of the warrior. This is something more then learning the martial arts. It is living the spiritual thing of the martial arts. This is what makes them martial artists.

This person not only loves to teach the martial arts. He has a love of the experience and of the many things we learn. It is also about mental and spiritual growth. The physical is only a small part of the training. Most people think that the martial arts is all about the physical.

This is not true. The martial artist sees their art as much more than physical. They see it as an art form and a way of life. They see the physical part of training as only 10 percent of the art. Yes, they do the physical training a 110 percent of the time but this training is to help to develop the mind, body and spirit. Through this training they not only prefect their arts but also grow as people. This growth is all positive this is real growth as you are developing the whole person.

Martial arts like Grand Master Peter G. Urban the founder of the USA Goju Karate system or/and the Urban Goju Karate system did not just award his advance students black belt he awarded them with degrees. He saw the knowledge that he gave his students as the equivalent of a conventional educational degree of higher learning. These degrees were awarded in the Martial Arts Sciences and the Combat Arts.

Educators and warriors come in all shapes, sizes and colors. In my short lifetime I have met and had the pleasure and honor to train with many great instructors. We martial artists are a family and no matter what style we do we are a cut above. Many call themselves masters and grand masters but those that live their lives like masters have much more then the title. Me, I prefer to be called Sensei. I am an instructor.

They are true masters in their Heart, body, minds, spirit and soul.

By Zurriane Bennett

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