Symphony of Science – “Children of Africa” (The Story of Us) A musical celebration of humanity, its origins, and achievements, contrasted with a somber look at our environmentally destructive tendencies and deep similarities with other primates. Featuring Jacob Bronowski, Alice Roberts, Carolyn Porco, Jane Goodall, Robert Sapolsky, Neil deGrasse Tyson and David Attenborough. “Children of Africa” is the tenth installment in the ongoing Symphony of Science music video series. Materials used in the creation of this video are from BBC Incredible Human Journey BBC Ascent of Man BBC Life of Mammals BBC Human Planet BBC Walking With Cavemen Carolyn Porco: Hollywood Quest for Fire Hubblecast 29A What Makes Us Human (Leakey Foundation) What Separates Us from Chimps (Sapolsky) Chimpanzee Neil Tyson – Human Intelligence Gemini Observatory Time-lapse mp3: Rights to use Carl Sagan have been put on hold for the time being. Please be patient if you wish to see more Carl! Special thanks to everybody who’s donated to keep the project alive and to those who helped track down the materials used in this video. To download and watch more videos visit http Enjoy! ~John Lyrics: [Jacob Bronowski] Man is a singular creature; He has a set of gifts which make him unique among the animals So that unlike them, he is not a figure in the landscape He is the shaper of the landscape [Alice Roberts] We are all children of Africa They say this is where it all began [Bronowski] In a parched

Maurice Kirya in Supermodel – is another New 2011 HD music video release from uganda East Africa.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

23 comments to Symphony of Science – “Children of Africa” (The Story of Us)

  • Ralokone  says:

    @fencer5017 ummm . . . . dude why are you telling me this?

    The only thing I am saying is we need to take care of US, because really the earth is way tougher than you owuld expect!

    and whats this about complete removal of human beings?

  • Naddig74  says:

    @Ralokone I mostly agree, but read ‘The World Without Us’ by Alan Weisman. The remnants of human agricultural and industrial activity will continue to affect the bioshpere _long_ after we’re gone. The earth, will return to ‘normal’ after our demise, but try 200 _thousand_ years and you might be nearer the mark. Still little longer than an eyeblink in the life of a planet of course.

  • fencer5017  says:

    @Ralokone i hear you yes we need to take the responsiblity of taking care of the earth and anything else we discover in the future i am merely saying the complete removal of human beings is well stupid and pointless as well as population control in terms of killing people or preventing birth as placesing limits on population growth is in essence putting limits on human growth in general. what we need to change is our behavior and that can only come through further growth of humanity.

  • Ralokone  says:


    WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH, give a chimp E is not the way to go unless you want one of those furry little bastards totally freaking out man!

  • Ralokone  says:

    @fencer5017 oh I know, in fact what you are saying is at the heart of my belief system!

    but I am not goign to pretend the earth just straight up ISNT THERE if I am not, you get what I am saying!

  • fencer5017  says:

    @Ralokone this is true but what point is there to a universe without people to learn about it? to explore it? to exist? without us the earth just exist with us it becomes so much more as we use it to grow and evolve and begin to travel through space and beyond.

  • TheEternalChild7  says:

    @Calenraug Yes, but few species have managed to mess the world up quite as badly as we have. It’s not even always out of necessity anymore; we could make the world a much more eco-friendly place, but it costs too much money for us. If things keep going this way, we won’t be able to adapt to the environment very well because there won’t be much of an environment left to adapt to.
    But that’s just my opinion. I don’t know if that was what he was getting at; it’s just what it reminded me of.

  • Calenraug  says:

    @TheEternalChild7 What? Every species has exploited the environment to its own ends. That’s how natural selection works, the species which is most adaptive to the environment and its use is more likely to survive. “Exploit” isn’t being used in a negative connotation, it’s being used a realistic connotation.

  • TheEternalChild7  says:

    This video actually made me feel proud to be human. … Until that last bit at the end, about us exploiting the environment for our own selfish needs. :/ That kind of made the pride fade a bit.

  • lost4468yt  says:

    @Ralokone I disagree that killing ourselves is easy, it would be easy for us to destroy most of us with a nuclear war, however the chance of every country being involved is very low, and even if they are I would bet that small pockets of humans would survive. I think it is very very hard to completely destroy human life without destroying the planet.

  • HarryDoesStuff  says:

    @kokofan50 relax you miserable twat its a quote i got from some website

  • kokofan50  says:

    @HarryDoesStuff If you think so badly of us then why don’t you try and get ride of us like we do with cancer?

  • sooperknob  says:

    I want to makeout with Alice Roberts. That’s how my imagination soars.

  • LionKingFanatic1  says:

    I have something to say: To Ralokone and onlythepresent specifically, stop arguing and enjoy the music!

  • Ralokone  says:

    @onlythepresent its typical human arrogance, if we all die from environmental change thigns owuld be back to normal . . . two hundred years flat and the earth wouldnt even notice in the slightest

    Kill the earth . . . no way . . . not going to happen when there is fungus literally living INSIDE THE CHERNOYBL REACTOR

    Kill ourselves . . . oh yeah we can do that no problem

    and when we are gone, there will still be an earth, there will still be stars, and life will continue . . . any it wont care

  • Ralokone  says:

    @onlythepresent also I want to point out that . . . how do I explain this to someone stupid


    if you ceased to exsist the unvierse would keep going, planets would keep spinning, life would continue growing . . .and all would be great

    and nothing less that cracking the planet in half could destroy it . . . envionrmental damage to the planet doesn’t do anything to the planet, we are only changing it so WE cannot live in it . . . .you are dumb

  • Ralokone  says:

    @onlythepresent no . . . . that is the most god awful and stupid thing I have ever heard. The universe is not just one process, and the environment doesnt solely exsist to bring about sapient beings!

    What you are saying . . . it is complete nonsense!

    Life lives only to consume and reproduce, ti isnt trying to create intelligence specifically . . . evolution isnt going in a definitive bath, its a reactionary force

    goddamned. . . people do not thumbs up this moron

  • HarryDoesStuff  says:

    @MrrGrave its just a quote i got from somewhere

  • GodsTrgrFinger1  says:

    @onlythepresent no the earth doesnt exist just because we experience it. The earth was created for us. read a little closer. And after we are gone, I couldn’t tell you whats to come of the earth. All the scientist in the world don’t know. There is just some stuff in this life that we aren’t supposed to know. And all the theories that keep coming up, turn to fact, then disproven. It’s a ridiculous game of idiocracy. Accept that we don’t know and move on.

  • onlythepresent  says:

    @GodsTrgrFinger1 I find it impossible not to reply to a statement that begins with “wtf” and ends with “Find Jesus”. You do realize that Christianity proposes that the earth exists for humans and will be destroyed when they are gone from it. So, you are making the argument that the earth exists because humans are there to experience it, and will cease to exist when they aren’t.

  • onlythepresent  says:

    @Ralokone Just as the organism evokes his environment, the environment likewise evokes the organism. This doesn’t have to mean that we both sprung into existence simultaneously, but rather that the environment would not have manifested if it were not eventually going to bring forth consciousness.

    When we look at the universe as a bunch of “things”, we are blind the the fact that it’s all ONE process.

  • onlythepresent  says:

    @GodsTrgrFinger1 First off, I don’t smoke. Second, saying that we and our planet are dependent in no way makes anything less real. It is just a way of saying that we are an expression of the whole process. Alan Watts says it better than I, just as the entire ocean waves, the universe “peoples”. Thirdly, while The Matrix was an awesome movie, my comment had nothing to do with it.

  • onlythepresent  says:

    @GodsTrgrFinger1 First off, I don’t smoke. Second, saying that we and our planet are dependent in no way makes anything less real. It is just a way of saying that we are an expression of the whole process. Alan Watts says it better than I, just as the entire ocean waves, the universe “peoples”. Thirdly, while The Matrix was an awesome movie, my comment had nothing to do with it.

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