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A one hour of relaxing and soft music! Please Share it with your friends 🙂 Subscribe, comment or like will keep me motivated! Thanks! Enjoy! Means alot if you share this to your friends 😉 Thanks^^ — Like i said, i don’t really have the project on my computer anymore soo.. I kinda lost the song list :(, I will keep trying find all the songs and paste them below including the time in the video. Doing this for you guys! Thanks! — 00:00 Blackmill – Fortune Soul (Full Version) 03:07 ? 07:42 ? 11:41 Essay & Stumbleine – Rhiannon 14:55 Feint – And I Knew 18:56 Feint – One Thousand Dreams [Free EP] 24:08 Feint – Sleepless 28:28 Clear light? by Geotic 30:49 Hans Zimmer – Time (Soular Order Remix) 35:30 Rameses B – Memoirs (Fracx Remix) 39:21 ? 41:15? Bon Iver – Perth (Paper Tigers Remix) 46:15 ? 49:04 Sia – Breathe Me (Widdler Remix) 54:28 Tolerance – Dejection

43 comments to Spa Music Relaxation With Piano Long Time Mix by Spavevo

  • Erico Tuus  says:

    Beatiful…I am like, ? so nice …Thanky…

  • Kikou Le King  says:

    so nice to relax?

  • ????? ?  says:

    ???????? !

  • nidnoi803  says:

    songs ? to feel that you know that I love you forever.

  • Taylor Williamson  says:

    there are no words? to discribe how beautiful this is,

  • kanlaya norkaew  says:

    i like? that

  • Ul Fender  says:

    uteraj? mi, uteraj xD

  • Predrag Rajic  says:

    Name of the song 43:00 please!! 😀 ?

  • Dé Assunção  says:

    Show? de bola, adorei as músicas!

  • Edwind saw  says:

    i like 7:15? XD THE BEST

  • laidzandal  says:

    36:35 i? said i love you but i lied

  • sonyasalazar07  says:

    What’s the song? at 16:12?

  • Zita Keresztes  says:

    7.20 michael jackson heal the world? just great

  • Jessica Benoit  says:

    yes i mean it. that was a mascara in the parcel which i got from maybelline last week. And,? dont forget to give ur email id and delivery address to receive via courier. if you wanna try just try now >> bit.lyXgy4aj

  • JoGeGoJr  says:

    They are trying just like one day I did. An there’s no need to lol about it if they commit? errors.. I bet u also came from a foreign country, perhaps ur parents grand etc

  • JoGeGoJr  says:

    Kmasonking..? They are trying justlo

  • Amry Mc  says:

    denpasar moon by maribeth (philipine singer now stay at indonesia)?

  • katie191104  says:

    So? relaxing music

  • ladyvee as  says:

    Rod Steward – Have? I? told? you lately
    Maribeth – Denpasar moon
    MJ – heal? the world
    Mariah Carey – Hero

  • gonzalo santandreu lorite  says:

    Is a perfect? music!

  • Rully Wowow  says:

    04.00 song name pls … <3 (y)

  • destined4mo  says:

    Pretty picture..?

  • Kellen Young  says:

    this? is so what i needed all the time

  • Isaias Rodrogo Escobar Morales  says:

    wena? exelente xD para dormir

  • diruengurei13  says:


  • Rusty Shack  says:

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  • qazqaz330  says:

    I have listened to this playlist everyday for at least 3times a day for the past like 3 months and this is the first time I read the comments…. Smh. You people are not relaxed? at all./: #GetOnMYLevel

  • Liam Burley  says:

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    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White

  • Tanky53  says:

    07:42 Anybody know? it?

  • Chris Berak  says:

    thts wat? im sayin lol

  • rohan koppula  says:

    crazy stuff man

  • George Ioja  says:

    ( , Y , )?

  • jaccisandy  says:

    Oh it’s so? great. 🙂

  • diruengurei13  says:

    Shit man this will do nicely when I’m on? dxm traveling through the cosmos. Thanks for this man i really mean it.

  • Meli Ilios  says:

    39:21′ this is a remix of a? björk’s song called hidden place. but i cant find the remix on youtube

  • AlwaysnorthMusic  says:

    check out my compositions at AlwaysnorthMusic?

  • RhiannonBeauty  says:

    aww my? name is Rhiannon hehe

  • TheSnkes  says:


  • Tsur Yohananov  says:


  • Lindi8d  says:

    Thank? you 🙂

  • Messiah Flesha  says:


  • Jura Ivanenko  says:


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