South African music vomaseve (Dance Mix)

Africa is the best place to be. Our own Beyonces and Chris Browns. How nice it is to be African. For more, please visit our page or just go to Africa from Ca…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

7 comments to South African music vomaseve (Dance Mix)

  • mphahlani  says:

    iiii, vanhu lava va dlaya. swi lava ku munhu a cincisa xisuti lexi xa
    darata a ta kota ku ringetanyana ku fana na vona.

  • Marashor  says:

    The music, the dancing is powerful! ??? Marashor ????

  • jackjumperfreak  says:

    Im form Holland and I love this song

  • bollerbolladinaikos  says:

    nice! probs from the circle of life from frankfurt germany!

  • Caty J  says:

    Excellent performance, very impressive waist versatility and leg body

  • madhombiro  says:

    thats africa

  • armik2  says:

    look how the public comes & dance a bit too before to give a coin ! not
    like us who just watch !in our western civilization !lol

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